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Internet Activity: Cold War
Go to Scroll down to Containment:
a. Who penned a highly influential essay on the Soviet Union in 1947?
b. What did he believe the Soviet Union would try and put into every “nook and cranny” throughout the world?
c. How did he believe the US could prevent global Communist domination?
d. What did Kennan’s document soon become the root of?
e. When did the Cold War end?
2. Scroll down to The Truman Doctrine
a. What did Truman modify the containment policy with?
b. When did Truman announce that the US would resist Communist revolutionaries and the Soviet Union?
c. How much money did Congress appropriate to prevent the fall of Greece and Turkey to Communism?
d. What kind of solution did critics of the Truman doctrine believe would have prevented 50 years of the Cold War?
e. What did defendants of the Truman policy claim?
f. How long did Truman’s containment doctrine shape US foreign policy?
3. Scroll down to NATO and the Warsaw Pact
a. After the election, Truman pushed ahead with his policies to defend what area from possible attack?
b. What does NATO stand for?
c. What did the NATO charter pledge?
d. When did Greece and Turkey join NATO?
e. When did West Germany join NATO?
f. What was the greatest significance of NATO?
g. What did the USSR and Soviet bloc nations in Eastern Europe pledge?
4. Scroll down to The Fall of China
a. Who led the Chinese Nationalist Government against the Communists?
b. Who was the leader of the Communist rebels?
c. Which side did the US aid?
d. When did Mao’s revolutionaries take control of the mainland of China?
e. Where did Chiang and his supporters flee to?
f. What was the name of the gov’t Chairman Mao formed?
g. Why was the sudden fall of China a crushing blow to the US?
h. Why would the PRC (People’s Republic of China) not look favorably on the United States?
5. Scroll down to The Arms Race
a. When did the Soviet Union build its first atomic bomb?
b. What did the Soviets’ discovery of the atomic bomb cost Truman?
c. What did Truman do to regain the upper hand?
d. Why did its developers fear this new weapon?
6. Scroll down to Red Hunts
a. What was the HUAC?
b. What search did Congressman Richard M. Nixon help spearhead?
c. Who did Nixon prosecute in 1948?
d. What husband and wife did prosecutors also target?
e. What were they accused of?
f. When were the Rosenbergs convicted?
g. What were they sentenced to?
h. What did President Truman do to try and tame Red-Hunters?
i. What did Republicans in Congress to with President Truman’s veto?
7. Go to Scroll down to North and South Korea
a. What 2 countries shared control of the Korean peninsula after Japan surrendered in WWII?
b. Where was Korea divided?
8. Scroll down to The Start of the Korean War
a. When did the North Korean Communist gov’t invade South Korea?
b. Where did the South Koreans retreat to?
c. What did the UN’s Security Council ask it’s members to do?
9. Scroll down to The Inchon Landing
a. What was commander of UN forces sent to Korea?
b. What did Truman order MacArthur to do?
c. When did MacArthur and his troops land at Inchon?
d. When this landing caught the North Koreans off guard, what did they do?
10. Scroll down to MacArthur’s Dismissal
a. What did MacArthur pressure Truman to do?
b. What 2 things did MacArthur believe that would allow him and his forces to do?
c. For what reasons did Truman and his military officials disagree?
d. How did MacArthur try and turn the American people against Truman?
e. What did Truman do w/MacArthur in April of 1951? What was the official reason for this?