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How to prepare for interview? What kind of questions will be asked in the
interview? Here are the brief guidelines about various courses.
Direction course
Direction is like an engine in train, while cameraman, sound recordist, editor are various
compartments! director pulls them and hence he is considers leader of the film making
.more appropriately he is “ creative manager” who is mages the team of creative leaders
of various department like, screenwriter ,art director, cinematographer etc and delivers
the most Creative artistic product called “film”
He is expected to know various department of film making and should have vast
understanding of “human nature” and its complexities.
Whatever is your academic background it is always helpful in direction. You must have
the inclination to acquire the knowledge of literature/music/dance/painting and other fine
arts. That is what we check or look for the candidates who would like to seek admission
in the direction department.
Our interview board would like to know your taste and understating of films. Do you
really understand them? so there will be questioners connected with your favorite films
and some specific analysis of some situation/screen etc.
In the end we would like to quote what is cinema
The answer to this question is no easy matter. Long ago the a Japanese novelist
Shiga Naoya presented an essay written by his grand child as one of the most
remarkable prose pieces of his time. He had it published in a literary magazine. It was
entitled” My dog” and ran as follows:
“ my dog resembles a bear: he also resembles a badger: he also resembles a fox……”
It proceeds to enumerate the dog’s special characteristics, comparing each one to yet
another animal, developing into a full list of the animal kingdom. However the essay
closed with,” but since he’s is a dog, he most resembles a dog.”I remember busting out
laughing when I read this essay, but it makes a serious point. cinema resembles so may
arts. if cinema has very literary characteristics, it also has theatrical qualities, a
philosophical side, attributes of painting and sculpture and musical elements. But
Cinema is, in the final analysis, cinema. Excerpts From : something like an
autobiography by Akira kurosawa.
Cinematography / Fashion Photography :
The purpose of the interview is to see his keen interest in cinematography. The base of
cinematography starts with photography. We see that candidate has knowledge about
various kinds of camera available in the market. e.g What is mega pixel. If the candidate
has aesthetic sense like knowledge about colors, compositions. If the candidate is
interested in the visual arts like painting, architecture or applied arts. Candidates having
awareness about the basics of photography is given priority. What is the role of
cinematographer? Which are his favorite cinematographer and why he likes them?
TV Journalism ,News Reading and Anchoring
The purpose of the interview is to seek his keen interest in TV journalism, news reading
and anchoring: TV journalism does not only know about what is happening around us in
society but also how to present them to the general audience in more effective way.
Interview board will be also interested about your "Analytical skills" about any event of
national/international importance.
Some of the question interview board may like to ask about: What a journalist is suppose to do in TV station.
 Which are the specialization available on can go for TV journalism
 What are the essential qualities a new reporter should have
 What is the difference in news reporting and news anchoring
 What are the ENG camera
 Why it is important for the journalist to know about camera, sound recording and
editing though in TV station there will be professionals employed to do theses
 What are the difference in the news channel like “aaj tak” and zee news though
both are news channel.
 How TV journalism is different from print journalism
 What is your opinion about the (any current event political/social).
Non linear editing:
We look for interest in editing and his aptitude towards the course. The applicant should
have an idea about the following
One should have idea about
What is editing.
What is the role of an editor?
Which are the popular software used in the market
What is the difference between linear and non linear editing?
What is time-code and why it is important.
Which are your favorite editors and why you like their work
Sound recording and Audio engineering
(Electronic music production)
We look for keen interest in sound recording in the applicant .Having some kind of
background in music study is an added asset as music recording is an integral part of
the course.
The applicant should have an idea about the following
1. Various software’s used in the market about sound recording
2. Which are the companies who make theses software’s?
Various kind of microphones available in the market
What is background music
What is music mixing
Basic knowledge about various classical ragas.
Acting and Modeling:
acting is a vast field in which one learn from every where particularly observing various
People, their Behavior ,their body language .Above all your Obersavation skills. we look
into your Intelligence level in the interview.
board may ask any question like what kind of films do you watch
what are your Favorite Actor/actress.