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1. In the right triangle shown in the diagram below, what is the value of x to the nearest
whole number?
(1) 12
(2) 14
(3) 21
(4) 28
2. A stake is to be driven into the ground away from the base of a 50-foot pole, as shown
in the diagram below. A wire from the stake on the ground to the top of the pole is to be
installed at an angle of elevation of 52°.
How far away from the base of the pole should the stake be driven in, to the nearest foot?
What will be the length of the wire from the stake to the top of the pole, to the nearest
3. Draw and label a diagram of the path of an airplane climbing at an angle of 11° with
the ground. Find, to the nearest foot, the ground distance the airplane has traveled when it
has attained an altitude of 400 feet.
4. A tree casts a 25-foot shadow on a sunny day, as shown in the diagram below.
If the angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the top of the tree is 32°, what is
the height of the tree to the nearest tenth of a foot?
(1) 13.2
(3) 21.2
(2) 15.6
(4) 40.0
5. Which equation could be used to find the measure of one acute angle in the right
triangle shown below?
(2) tan A 
(1) sin A 
(4) tan B 
(3) cos B 
6. In the diagram of ABC shown below, BC  10 and AB  16.
To the nearest tenth of a degree, what is the measure of the largest acute angle in the
(1) 32.0
(3) 51.3
(2) 38.7
(4) 90.0
7. The center pole of a tent is 8 feet long, and a side of the tent is 12 feet long as shown in
the diagram below.
If a right angle is formed where the center pole meets the ground, what is the measure of
angle A to the nearest degree?
(1) 34
(3) 48
(2) 42
(4) 56
8. In the accompanying diagram of right triangle ABC,
What is
, and