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An Evaluation of Truman’s Administration
Research the following events that occurred during the Truman administration.
Truman’s decision
to drop the A-bomb
Passage of the GI
Truman decided to drop the bomb and never wavered in his decision
Passed under FDR, this gave veterans an opportunity to go to college, as well as obtain
low interest loans
Truman’s handling
of the railroad strike
Truman believed the strikes were threatening the economy and security of the United States. Ordered the
government takeover of the industry. He asked Congress to draft the RR strikers into the armed forces. RR
strike ended, but millions lost faith in Truman.
Truman’s handling
of the coal miners
Truman believed the strikes were threatening the economy and security of the United States. Ordered the
government takeover of the industry. After Truman ordered the government takeover, the cola miners
returned to work.
Truman’s veto of
the Taft-Hartley Act
Truman did not agree with Taft-Hartley because he wanted to expand the welfare state and this placed
restrictions on unions. Congress, however, passed Taft-Hartley over his veto. He swore to get rid of it
with the Fair Deal.
Truman’s stance on
Civil Rights
Truman put a plan about CR into his election in 1948, which split the party. Part of the Fair Deal also
included Civil Rights, however, not much was done with it during the Truman presidency.
Truman’s recognition
of Israel
May 14, 1948. US immediately recognized the independent Israel. US continued to aid Israel in its fight
against Palestine. Very important after WWII that the new state be recognized.
Employment Act of
Defined the goals of economic policy-“to promote maximum employment, production, and purchasing
power. Influenced by the Great Depression and changes in economic thinking. Main purpose was to lay
the responsibility of economic stability onto the federal government.
Election of 1948
Ds split into 3 parties. Southern party, Progressives, and Ds. Thought the Republicans had won, however,
Truman won the election
Truman’s Fair Deal
Included many things to expand the New Deal and the welfare state. Many, however, were not passed by
Congress and then Truman turned to foreign policy.
Truman Doctrine
Commitment to contain communism. Gave money to Greece and Turkey to help them fight against the
China Policy
China fell to communism in 1949. The US refused to recognize mainland China as the official government
of China. Only recognized Chiang K’Shek and the island of Formosa as the official Chinese gov’t.
Korean Conflict
Truman sent in US troops to prevent North Korea from taking over South Korea. The US achieved their
objective and decides to go for all of Korea, however, this is unsuccessful and ends up where they
originally started.
Firing of MacArthur
MacArthur wanted to bomb China to get all of Korea. MacArthur made a public statement, which angered
Truman and he sent him home.
NSC 68
A secret paper that will shape American foreign Cold War policy for the next 20 years. Called for a
massive buildup of US military forces to resist the Soviet threat anywhwere.
An Evaluation of Eisenhower’s Administration
Research the following events that occurred during the Eisenhower administration.
Suez Crisis
Nasser nationalized the Suez canal after Israel attacked in 1955 and US refused to help. Britain & France
depended on oil shipped through the Suez and decided to invade Egypt. Involved Israel. US condemned
action and threatened to wage financial war.
Geneva Accords
French lost the war against the Vietnamese and they met in Geneva. Vietnam gained its independence and
was divided at the 18th parallel. Elections were to be held in 1956, but they will never be held.
First Taiwan Strait
Communist China began shelling 2 small islands situated 100 miles from Formosa. US increased military
presence in Taiwan Strait and issued warnings. Dec 1954- DC & Taiwan signed a mutual defense treaty.
Congress gave Ike the authority to use force, but tensions relaxed.
Students and workers overthrew the Soviet puppet government. Soviet leaders invaded and crushed the
revolutionaries. Hungary pleaded for help, but none came. Ike did not want to risk WWIII
Brinksmanship &
Massive Retaliation
Go to the brink of war to achieve peace. An all or nothing philosophy.
U-2 Incident
Soviets shot down a US U2 spy plane over Soviet soil. Ike initially lied and said it was a weather
Reconnaissance plane. Pilot, Francis Gary Powers, was captured and admitted he was a spy. Stopped
US/USSR summit.
Appointment of Earl
Nullified “separate but equal” in Brown vs. Board of Ed. Encouraged Civil Rights movement.
Very liberal, rewrote much of Constitutional law