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Robert Dixon
Managing Director, Global Business Development
11710 Plaza America Drive
Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190
+1-703-674-5084, office
+703-667-9034, fax
[email protected]
Robert is a multi-disciplined leader who has provided over three decades of support to Fortune 500 companies, government
agencies, and military branches around the world. A Palantir certified trainer, he has experience in financial intelligence, threat
finance, and strategic operational planning to support counter-intelligence operations/counter-terrorism functions. Robert
has extensive experience working in hostile environments and a proven track record of accomplishing objectives in adverse
conditions. Customers have achieved multi-million-dollar cost savings per year in workman’s compensation, leave of absence,
internal theft, fraud, waste, and abuse expenses/settlements as a result of Robert’s work on fraud investigations.
Robert is managing director of global business development with ultimate responsibility for worldwide sales. He oversees the
firm’s marketing, sales, and client relationship management functions. He also provides business intelligence in various sectors
and supports special projects. Robert’s investigative experience and years as a master intelligence trainer allow him to support
the forensic practice on forensic investigations, cyber, and risk management investigations.
Prior to RKA Worldwide, Robert was responsible for numerous security projects in corporate and industrial settings with a
specialized focus on undercover investigations and closed circuit surveillance systems. He has also served as senior
intelligence analyst and was responsible for Threat Finance and Financial Intelligence’s requests for support from various
agencies around the globe. He has served in eight overseas deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (six in
Afghanistan, two in Southern Philippines), and was responsible for strategic operational planning while supporting counter
intelligence/counter terrorism operations.
Robert was named “Investigator of the Month” two years in a row for the world’s largest and oldest investigative firm and was
one of only two investigators ever to be awarded an exclusive service agreement by Caterpillar World Headquarters.
Caterpillar; DynCorp International LLC; Diamond-Star Motors; Heatilator; Motorola; Waste Management; Triple Canopy;
Blackwater Worldwide; McNeil Technologies; Whitley, Bradley, & Brown; SOC-SMG; U.S. Army; U.S. Department of State; U.S.
Marine Corps MARSOC; Naval Special Warfare; Special Operations Detachment-Europe; U.S. European Command; Joint
Special Operations Task Force-Philippines; Navy Expeditionary Combat Command; Joint IED Defeat Organization.
Robert has served as master intelligence trainer and a Palantir certified trainer for four years. He was selected to travel around
the world to teach investigative techniques for implementing Social Network Analysis, CALEB Methodology, Critical Thinking,
Critical Factors and Analysis. Robert developed a Threat Risk Picture Tool known as OSINT-Environment for risk assessments
and common intelligence/operating pictures for companies located domestic and abroad.
B.S., Criminal Justice, American Military University
Protective Security Specialist, Triple Canopy and U.S. Department of State
Project Management Professional
Social Media Exploitation Course, Intelligence Technologies, Inc.
Joint COIC Analyst Support Team (A3P) Advanced Analytics Training Course
o Multi Intelligence fusion of tools, and processes to Attack the Network
United States Army, 2nd Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Kenova, WV
Robert Dixon, PSS, PMP
o Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course
o M4, M9, M203, M240, M249, M2, MK19, AT4 Qualifications
o Convoy Cell Training, Gryphon Group
o Counterterrorism Analyst Course
o Asymmetric Warfare Intelligence Analyst Course (AWIAC)
o Counterintelligence Agent sub Course (MOS 97B)
United States Marine Corps,
o Scout/Sniper Orientation Course (8541)
o Jungle Environmental Survival Training Graduate, U.S.N., Cubi Point, Philippines
o Amphibious Warfare Training Course, Coronado, CA
o Mountain Warfare Training Course, Bridgeport, CA
o Extensive Training in weapons non-organic to the Marine Rifle Squad
o Classified training ops with the 1st Force Reconnaissance Company
o Instructors Course, Palo Alto, CA
o Forward Support Rep Training (FSR), McLean, VA
o Certified Trainer Course (PCT), McLean, VA
Open Source Solutions, Northern Virginia
o All-Source Intelligence Officer Certificate
o Open Source Intelligence Analyst Certificate
On-Line Strategies Inc., Rosslyn, VA
o Utilization of Internet Tools/Resources for Open Source Intelligence Course
Federal Law Enforcement Staff Training Academy, Glynco, GA
o Staff Officers Course
Meijer Corporation
o Detective Training Course, Criminal Justice Institute, Ferris State College, Michigan
Private Investigator’s License, State of Indiana (1997-2004)
DynCorp International, Security Management Cell
o Personal Security Detail/High Risk Motorcade Course
o Combat Life Saver Course
o M240/M249 Qualification Course
o High-Risk Environment Training
Triple Canopy, Inc.
o Protective Security Specialist Course, DOS
o Executive Protection Tactical Driving School
Emergency First Response Corporation
o Certified First Responder Course CPR/First Aid/Defibrillator (AED)
Asymmetric Research Group
Whitley, Bradley, and Brown
NEK Intelligence
United States Army
o All Source Intelligence
o Human Intelligence Collector/Interrogator
United States Marine Corps
o Anti-tank Assaultman (0351)
o Intelligence Specialist USMC (0231)
Pinkerton Investigations, Field Investigator – Level 1 Certified
United States Department of Justice
Meijer Corporation, Investigator
Trojan Securities International, Military PSD, Executive Protection in Hostile Environment