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 Translation, quality control and proofreading, on a freelance basis, of English and Italian
subtitle lists for DVD which include feature films, TV series and all kinds of added values.
These include, the recent releases of the following
*0 - Feature Films: Brothers Solomon, Urban Justice, Waitress, Charm School, Are We Done Yet?,
The Contractor, Hamlet, The Captain from Castile, Son of Fury, Rent, Connors War, Young
Philadelphians, A Life Less Ordinary, Left Handed Guns, Hemingway's Adventure, Hangman's Knot, The
Tie That Binds, Talladega Nights, Still Life, Stranger Than Fiction, Open Season, The Yakuza, Click,
Art School Confidential , London etc.
*1 - Added Values: Blade Runner (featurettes), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
(featurettes, commentary), Spiderman 3 (commentary), Solar Eclipse (featurettes), Sunshine
(featurettes, commentary), Letters of Iwo Jima (featurettes), The Caine Mutiry (featurettes,
commentary), The Hills Have Eyes (commentary), Walk The Line (commentary), Poseidon
(commentary) etc.
*2 - TV Series: 7th Heaven, The Unit, Prison Break, Angel, Moonlighting, Twin Peaks, Remington
Steele, War at Home, Stargate SG, The Practice, Boston Legal, Happy Days, Er, The Shield etc.
*3 - TV Programs: Extreme Hollywood, Behind the Scenes, Fashion Police, The Soup, Critic Choice
Awards, New York Fashion Special, Miss World 2005, Grammy Fashion Police '06, Reflections: Deep
Purple, Reflections: Genesis, Hollywood Plastic Surgery, Wild Boyz, Clothes Off Your Back eccetera.
- Animated Series: All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Simpsons, Futurama, Baby Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo,
Transformers BM, Animatrix etc.
Translation of websites, newsletter, articles and editorials, on a freelance basis, from Italian
into English and viceversa for local companies.
*4 Subjects include: articles, reports, documents, manuals, books, websites, transcription,
literature, art, jewellery, wine and food, historical sites, finance texts, legal contracts,
advertising, marketing, history, art.
 Translation, editing and proofing, on a regular basis, of computer games and feature film
Gelula & Co.
Los Angeles, CA
- Worked for the subtitling company Gelula & Co, covering many different positions and
undertaking various tasks throughout the years:
- Translation of subtitles lists for movies for the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia such as Sling
Blade, Marvin’s Room, Shakespeare in Love, The Cell*.
- Quality control of subtitle lists for movies for the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia such as The
Cider House Rules, Music of My Heart, The Talented Mr. Ripley*.
- Translation and quality control of subtitle lists from Italian into English which include La
gatta and La vita è bella.
- Main translator and/or in charge of quality control and final check of subtitle lists for
movies, documentaries, commentaries, featurettes, menus, trailers and teasers for DVD release
in Europe. The extensive list includes Bodyheat, Casablanca, Conspiracy Theory, Dog Day Afternoon,
Jeremiah Johnson, Pelican Brief, Tequila Sunrise, The Matrix, The Postman, Singing in the Rain,
Unforgiven, Wild, Wild West.*
- Production Supervisor of Italian Department in charge of supervising and coordinating the
production of Italian lists, meeting deadlines and production needs, providing feedback to
employees, analyzing and resolving work problems, hiring and training employees, planning,
assigning and directing work.
- Overall Supervisor of International Department in charge of addressing and solving
problems, suggesting changes in working conditions, recommending measures to improve
production methods, assisting employees in the use of equipment and programs, solving
creative and linguistic problems.
- Simulation and quality control of Spanish and French subtitles lists for movies such as Mad
Max, Private Benjamin, Free Willy*.
- Training employees in creation of CCSL lists.
- Creating spotting and titling lists for numerous movies for DVD domestic release such as
Black Velvet, Cat in a Hot Tin Roof, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory*. And spotting and
titling lists for theatrical releases of numerous movies.
- Creating English dialog lists for theatrical release of numerous movies such as Independence
Day, The Mirror Has Two Faces, Volcano, The Devil’s Own, Mars Attacks*.
 Consecutive interpreting for a live Q&A show broadcast in Europe from English into Italian
and vice versa and from Spanish into English.
 Translator on a freelance basis in medical, entertainment, advertising, travel and scientific
fields. Editor and proofreader of numerous translations.
Extensive tutoring in Italian, English and Spanish.
Have acquired, through managerial positions, a special ability to coordinate events and people
as well as developed exceptional organizational, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.
Computer skills: Word, Excel, PC Window and Mac, Internet, PowerPoint, GTS - Film
subtitle editing software)
1995 UCLA
Travel journalism classes.
Los Angeles
1995 Santa Monica College
Writing courses
Los Angeles
1993 Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Master’s Degree in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Honors Graduate.
Degree course with linguistic emphasis and thesis in Spanish Literature.
1987 Liceo Linguistico Giacomo Leopardi
Language Degree with studies of French and English languages and literature.
Italian: Native speaker, extensive writing experience.
English: Native fluency, extensive writing experience.
Spanish: Total fluency, extensive writing experience.
French: Good fluency, written and spoken.
Available upon request.
* Partial list
E-MAIL: [email protected]
LOCALITÀ PIANEZZA 19B • 28010 SORISO (NO) • TEL. 0322 983277
CELL. 338 8814945