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Year 7 Spanish Home Study
Mi Pueblo - Task 1
 Understand when to use ‘al’ and ‘a la’
 Know the verb ‘ir’ - ‘to go’
1. Copy and complete the sentences in your exercise book with
al or a la.
If you do not recognise the place look it up and work out if it is
masculine or feminine.
a) ¿Vamos ____ parque?
b) Vamos ______ playa
c) ¿Vais _____ plaza de toros?
d) Voy ______ cine
e) Voy ____ estación de trenes.
f) Voy ______ museo
g) Vamos _____ mercado
h) ¿Vas ______ catedral?
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2. Copy the 5 sentences and put the correct word instead of the picture.
Write the meaning of the sentences in English.
A) Vamos al
B) Voy al
C) Vamos al
D) Voy al
E) ¿Vas a la
el domingo
el sábado
el lunes
el miércoles
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3. Write these sentences in Spanish
a) We are going to the park on Sunday
b) I am going to the shopping centre on Saturday
c) Are you going to the stadium on Saturday?
d) Javi & Ricardo are going to the cinema.
e) My brother is going to the sports centre.
Follow this link:
Scroll down to ‘verbs and tenses – the present tense’
Select ‘Penalty shoot out with ser, ir and tener’
Username: dictionary
Password: daniel
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