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Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2010
Kate Noel, Cassandra Trujillo, Kim Mollohan (via conference call), Sue Meek, Martha Collins, Cathy
Perkins, Gayle Henderson, Shelley Schultheis, Bev Fansler, Carol Blaine, Stephanie McGeorge, Jeff
Barstow, Sally Sommers, Sally Payne, Susan Ross, Jennifer Pearce
Treasurer’s Report – See attachments – gm = gross margin, gp = gross profit. Line items are separated
by night and type of sale. Paid attendees – just by averages and it is numbers by attendance. Total profit
appears to be about $900.
Next Year Show Dates: Mrs. McGeorge reported some potential issues with show dates for next year.
Cass would like to move student show dates and Cabaret. Cass needs to email Mrs. McGeorge the
dates. Mrs. McG has the dates for next year football games. They will meet to discuss off line.
Arsenic and Old Lace volunteers – sign-up sheet going around. Food will be provided this week - Wed,
Thurs, Fri. Cass could use more lace. Need to look for a suit for Josh Robb. Still need a hair and make-up
person to do three people as old people. Need 3 police uniforms. Shelley will ask if there is anything that
can be used from Westerville police, she has a connection. Need the police utility belt as well. Need
another blue short sleeve shirt. An article will appear in this week’s Westerville News and Public Opinion,
written by Brett Nuckles.
Drama Club – not this month r/t no school. Kate brought up a concern about theatre etiquette and the
sense of getting the ”part they want.” There needs to be consistency in the practice of how to behave in
the audition process. More established students are also displaying less than professional attitudes. Will
address the etiquette of tryouts and casting in the next meeting on Dec 7th 2:15-6pm.
Cabaret for next year – much interest in directing. One-acts with singing in-between will be the direction
of the show. There may be 2-3 student directors. Due to the one acts, the set-up would be in the
audience next year instead of on stage. Sound issues r/t broken box and borrowing the orchestra one.
There was a lot of work to get the sound on stage. If the show was on stage, everyone would have all had
Principal ‘s Report – Stage update – sending info to various district people. Head of extra-curricular
programming will be coming in next week to look at it. Jeff LaRose (district maintenance) looked at it
today. Whose budget should any repairs come from? Can there be sanding and painting? Possibly over
winter break. People were injured during the Hairspray Auditions. Cindy will not use the stage as is and
will need to buy a stage cover of about $3000. Could we rent the one from Generations? The roof leak
fixes are almost done and tiles are being replaced as the roof is done. Lighting has not been updated in a
long time. This will probably be out of the theatre budget. Mrs. McG suggested applying for a grant from
Pepsi if we have a floor proposal to submit. Cass reported that the sound is being evaluated by
LiveTechnologies r/t on/off issues during the Cabaret and just randomly turning itself off. Jennifer Pearce
said that Andy Baker (former Otterbein student working at Shadowbox) might be available to assess the
Publicity – need to utilize Mrs. Schaublin and Cass has chosen one design and sent it to South to do the
printing. Should happen tomorrow. Dress rehearsal and pictures on Nov 10th at 6:30pm.
Alice in Wonderland Update – workshops wrapping up this week Thursday will be about acting and tying
up everything. On Friday will do little plays; i.e. Little Red Hen, etc. An article appeared in the Westerville
News and Public Opinion last week about the workshops and about the upcoming Alice play.
Need to have sign-ups for parents to be available to chaperone. Times are from 3-5 or 3-6pm Mon-Wed
or Mon-Thurs. Surprise tech days may be a part of those weeks. Chaperone - Sally Payne next Monday
11/8. Shelley 11/9, 11/10. Band concert is 11/18. Need to let Jeff Will know what days they need the
stage. Carol Blaine will do 11/15. Have the set build on 11/16 and 11/18. Cass is available any days but
Mon/Fri. Sally Payne Mon11/22. Cass Tues 11/23.
Ordered a backdrop called a garden that has 4 “doors.” Gayle offered to help pick it up. Carol will do the
program. She needs the info over Thanksgiving week, she needs about 4 days to work it up. Lori Boder –
National Recognition Products - is donating all the printing costs for that show. She needs the cover first.
The insides can be later. They will print up 2000.
Costumes – pulled for a lot of people from the costume closet. Need minor alterations – need two hearts
on tunics and hem long skirt for a mouse. There is a tentative list of needs from Kate and Leah. Really
need a cat costume. Bev has a person in W.Va that might have some costumes. They have several
ladies that are building the caterpillar costume, and flowers.
There is a ticket site that users can enter to reserve tickets. [email protected]
Fundraising - Honey baked Ham order forms going out with an order deadline of 11/18 and pick-up on
11/23 from 5-6:30pm. Jennifer Pearce and Susan Ross volunteered to help with pick up. Arrangements
can be made to pick up at a different time or at the store if Shelley is aware of that need ahead of time.
They will be having samples at the Arsenic show. Shelley asked that everyone try to sell the Hams, etc.
This can be a successful fundraiser if everyone helps. Sue reported that the Window clings from the first
vendor did not have the correct colors and she has sent the designs to Lori Boder (NRP) to see if she can
get the colors and is waiting on that proof. She hopes to have it for next week and they will probably sell
for about $10.
Hairspray – need to add Cindy Straub to the web site as a director. There are 45 students cast in the
show. Not all were the 45 that were at the call backs. 96 kids tried out. Opportunities to be a part of the
show, i.e. crew. Cast list will be posted on Theatre Board only in the morning at 5:30am. Then put up a
crew sign-up sheet. Mon 11/15 will be a read through. From Feb 14 on, conflicts need to be at a
minimum. One role has not been cast r/t not being able to sing, act and dance a number, still searching
w/in the school.
Kim would be glad to talk to students that did not get a role and what they can do to improve. She will
answer questions from parents as well.
Major production for the set will be in December after Alice.
Other Business:
Jennifer Pearce offered an outing benefiting the Notables. They are having a Shadowbox fundraising
show on 11/11. Call the SB theatre for tickets.
Cass reported on the District Thespian Conference – Dec 4 from 8:30pm to 4pm. Only one student is
signed up. Cost is $15. Cass needs to order t-shirts if the student(s) are interested by Nov 4th. Students
can go at the last minute if they pay cash. There is some paperwork that needs completed and Cass was
able to find it on their website. She is not pushing it due to everything going on right now. She will push
the State conference.
Next meeting – 11/30 at 7pm related to the upcoming Alice production