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1. A group of ecosystems that have
the same climate and similar
communities is called….
2. How are a Population and
community different?
4. These consume the dead remains of
plants and animals.
(2 names)
5. Two reasons living things need energy
7. Shows feeding relationships
between several members of an
10. A food chain always starts with this
8. Primary Consumers are always
found at this Trophic level.
11. A series of steps where organisms
tranfer energy by eating or being eaten.
Arrows always point to….
13. Species 1 :  Species 2: 
14. Is the location and role in the
ecosystem that each species plays.
16. Competition….
17. Because of competition…
19. Rocks, Water, Fire, Soil,
Temperature, Sunlight, are
examples of…
20. The most important part of an
ecosystem are the…
3. Omnivores eat…
6. Chemosynthesis is….
9. Only ____ % of the available energy
makes it up the energy pyramid.
Most energy is lost as _________.
12. These organisms have lots of
available energy in an ecosystem.
15. One example of Commensalism is
18. Mistletoe steals the energy from
it’s host, while the host tree gets
nothing in return.
21. Examples of Biotic factors include:
Name: ____________________
22. This biome has coyotes, CA slender
salamanders, Blacktailed deer, and
1. What is this called?
What labels go on the 2 axis?
Per: _____ Date: ___________
Instructions: Cut out each card and
label w/ correct term on the
reverse side.
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