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World History I
Ms. Tuthill
Email: [email protected]
Welcome to World History I!
This course is designed as part of the two-year sequence in World History.
Video Analysis: Why study history?
1. Describe some images that you saw in the video
2. Why do we study history? (At least two reasons)
Course Guidelines and Expectations
Welcome to World History I
Ms. Tuthill
Early Civilizations
Classical Civilizations: Greece
Classical Civilizations: Rome
Middle Ages: Byzantine Empire
Middle Ages: Islam
Middles Ages: Europe
European Renaissance and Reformation
I. Supplies: You will need to bring the following with you every class (unless I tell you
a. Binder with Loose-leaf notebook paper for taking notes
b. Pen or pencil
c. A positive attitude!
II. Grading
a. Formative Assessments (50% of grade)
This includes some quizzes, homework, class participation, and preparation.
The purpose of homework is to reinforce classroom learning or to prepare for the next
day’s class. Some homework assignments will be collected and graded, while others will
be checked periodically. Always be prepared! I will not accept late homework
b. Summative Assessments (50% of grade)
This includes tests, projects, presentations, and research papers.
Late Work: If we do not review the HW in class, you have until the beginning of class the next
day to turn in late work for HALF (50%) credit. It is your responsibility to show me the
makeup work.
Regular class attendance is expected and required. Being actively involved in classroom
activities and instruction is a crucial part of your learning. You need to be present!
1. Excused Absences: If you are legitimately absent, YOU are responsible for seeing me on the
day your return to school to find out what work you missed and to arrange a make-up
schedule. I do not give reminders about missing homework assignments, tests, quizzes, etc.
Any work which is not made up within the allotted time will result in a grade of zero.
2. Cutting Class: Cutting class will result in a ZERO for any class work (including tests,
quizzes, etc) and homework due that day. No make-up work will be collected or credited in
such a case. Cutting class will result in disciplinary measures consistent with school policy,
including loss of credit for this course.
3. Tardiness: Once class begins, you should be seated and ready to learn. By coming to class
late, you disrupt your classmates and me. Therefore, it is important that you be on time. If
you are legitimately late, you must come to class with a pass from the office. If you miss
more than 15 minutes of a class period you will be considered absent from the class.
4. Other Policies: IPods and cell phones are not allowed in class per school policy. If you have
a cell phone please be that is is in your locker or that it is in your backpack and the ringer is
turned off. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
If at any time you have questions about your grade, or about an assignment, please come
see me in the history office or email me! I want to help you do the best you can to get the
most out of your study of history!
Before school: History Office
Period 2: History Office
Period 4: History Office
Period 7: Lunch Room
Period 8: History Office
After school: I coach field hockey in the fall. Please come see me
my other free periods.
Email: [email protected]
I have high expectations for all of you. This course will be challenging and I believe in your
potential to meet that challenge and succeed. Please remember:
 Student participation and discussion brings the class to life
 Do not be afraid to ask questions, it is the only way we learn
 Think positively about your ability to learn
 Try your best every single day
The best way to contact me is either by the provided email or in the social studies office during
and after school hours.
Our Class Rules
Please Sign Below
**I have read and understand these Policies, Procedures and Expectations. This contract will
always be kept in the front of my notebook.
Student signature ______________________________________________ Date
Parent/Guardian signature ______________________________________________ Date
Essential Questions for Each Unit
EQ: What makes a civilization and how did ancient civilizations evolve?
EQ: Why is Greece considered a classical civilization and what is its legacy to modern
EQ: What is a citizen’s role in a democracy?
EQ: Why is Rome considered a classical civilization and what is its legacy to modern America?
EQ: How and why do empires rise, sustain themselves, and decline?
EQ: How and why did Christianity develop and spread?
Byzantine Empire
EQ: How did religion affect culture, government, and human behavior?
EQ: Why is the Byzantine Empire considered the 2nd Rome?
EQ: How and why did Islam develop and spread?
EQ: How did Islam affect culture, government and human behavior?
EQ: How did religion affect culture, government and human behavior in Europe during the
Middle Ages?
EQ: Why did the Middle Ages end and the modern age begin?
European Renaissance and Reformation
EQ: How did new ideas challenge old ways of thinking and did these new ideas lead to
EQ: How did religion affect culture, government, and human behavior in Europe during the
Renaissance and Reformation?
EQ: What is the legacy of the Renaissance and Reformation to modern America?