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LexisNexis is another news source, includes newspapers, foreign newspapers, transcripts
of news broadcasts, speeches. Also includes court cases and laws; business information,
5. Metasearch
 Guest logon OK; otherwise use barcode to create customized lists of favorite databases
and e journals.
 Find database: Use to identify databases in different majors/disciplines
 Metasearch lets you search more than one database at a time with the same interface
 Quick search, general/multisubject good for GE classes: searches articles, books with
common interface
 Search media and violence
 Refine and add and children
 Point out that limiting to scholarly journals is not an option.
6. CQ Researcher and CQ Weekly, Opposing Viewpoints, Newsbank Special Reports, etc.
 Full-text databases of reports on current topics in the news, and social, economic,
political issues, which are often used in speech assignments.
 Used for: Topic choice, topic overviews, background, pro and con arguments (good for
persuasive speeches), outlook, chronology of events, etc.
 Note: considered journalistic not scholarly sources, but may lead you to other sources via
bibliographies, links, etc.
7. Library Catalog
 Books, government documents, and media; also shows what periodicals we subscribe to
by title, both print and online.
 Provides location, checkout status, and if online, a link (over 13,000 online books)
 Show catalog search screen and search options.
 Use keyword and sample search: children and media and violence
 Truncation and OR are also options.
 Show location, bibliographic information; links to LCSH, call number, and author can be
used to expand the search.
8. Facts, Opinions, and Statistics via the Web
 Point out but don’t demo: online reference books and government reference sources are
also available for background info, e.g., Britannica, etc. (point out the web page only)
 Point out but don’t demo: Public opinion polls and surveys can give you useful
information for a persuasive speeches.
 Often, you need statistics for a persuasive/informative speech.
 Go to American Factfinder []
 Use for population, housing, economic, and geographic data.
 Demo: Fact sheet for your community: search your zip code and state. Can
also use to get fact sheets on ethnic groups.
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