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Name: _____________________________________________ Pd: _______ Date: _______________
SONAR & satellites
9. How is new ocean basin created? ____________________________________________________________
10. Label the ocean floor features in the diagram below:
a. Submarine canyon
b. Trench
c. Abyssal plain
d. Seamount
e. Guyot
f. Continental rise
g. Mid-Ocean Ridge
h. Continental slope
i. Continental margin
j. Continental shelf
Essential questions:
1. What are the main lines of scientific evidence that support the scientific theory of evolution by natural
2. How does the theory of evolution by natural selection demonstrate the scientific process?
3. What are scientific explanations of the origin of life on Earth?
4. How do these competing hypotheses demonstrate the scientific process?
Key vocabulary
HONORS, Tar seep
ESS Sem 1 Review
Homologous structures
HONORS, mummification
HONORS, Petrification
Primordial soup
Vestigial structures
Hydrothermal vents
Spontaneous generation