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Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany Study Guide:
Post Treaty of Versailles years (1920’s – 1940’s)
What is fascism?
Why is fascism more efficient than a democracy?
Fascism emphasizes the good of the_______________________ over the good of _____________________.
Who was the fascist leader of Italy?
Why would IL DUCE make examples of Italians who didn’t perform their duties as good fascist citizens ?
What did Mussolini control labor and production in Italy?
What does NAZI stand for? (real name)
What does the Viking rune the swastika literally mean?
What were the pure Germanic people called who were chosen to save the world from evil?
What does Sieg Heil mean?
What symbol did the Nazis use to replace the Christian cross?
What did Adolf Hitler promise the German people to gain their support?
Was Hitler in the right place at the right time? Explain….
Why would Germans give up their freedom for stability?
What is the blood flag?
What is Anti-Semitism?
Why did the Nazis hate the Jews so much?
What does Der Fuhrer literally mean?
What was Hitler’s book called that he wrote while imprisoned by the existing German government?
List at least 3 types of people Hitler persecuted?
Who was the Nazi Minister of Propaganda?
What is the purpose of Propaganda?
What are some of the different forms of propaganda that the Nazis utilized. List at least 4 kinds.
Why was the new invention of the radio so important to propaganda?
Who was the “Angel of Death?”
What were the elite Nazi soldiers called who were considered to be perfect Aryan specimens?
Who was Heinrich Himmler?
What were the Nuremberg laws?
What were the 3 phases of the Nazi movement of the Jews during the Holocaust?
Why was the train system in Europe so important to the Nazis?
What was the name of the worst Extermination camp in Europe?
Who did Hitler form an alliance with that became known as the Axis Powers?
Why was the Hitler Youth organization so important to the Nazis?
What was the role of women in Nazi Germany?
What does the economic phrase “Guns not Butter” represent?
What was the Nazi air force called?
Who was the Russian (Soviet) premier who murdered 6 times more people than Hitler, but never got the
label that Hitler did because he was on the Allied Powers side? (FRUG)
What year did the War actually begin? (After years of planning revenge.)