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Evaluating Information
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Why Evaluate What You Find on the Web?
Anyone can put up a web page
Many pages are not kept up-to-date
There is no quality control of the web
Use the Who, What and When technique
to evaluate…
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Can you tell who wrote it ?
Is it a reputable organization,
institution or agency that you
What are their credentials for
the subject matter ? Look for
links to: “About us”;
“Philosophy”; “Background”;
or “Biography”
If no links or other clues
truncate the URL
Before you click to view the page...
• Look at the URL – is it a personal page or site ?
• Is the domain name appropriate for the content ?
edu, com, org, net, gov,, uk, etc.
• Is it published by an entity that makes sense ?
• News from its source?
• Advice from valid agency?
Slide 4
• Where has the information
come from- are the sources
• Does it have links to other
• Is it bias or does it present a
balanced viewpoint?
• Is it appropriate for your
Slide 5
• When was it written?
• Was it written as a oneoff or is it frequently
Slide 6
Developing a checklist
• Work in groups of 4-5
• Use Handout 1 to develop a checklist for
evaluating information
Slide 7
Evaluating sources on Climate Change
• In your groups, look at the sources on climate
change and discuss:
Slide 8
Are they bias or balanced?
Are they easy to understand?
Can you rely on the facts and figures quoted?
Which would be suitable sources of information for
a policy maker?
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