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Owl Pellet Lab Write-up
(30 Points)
Use the lab packet as you work but the lab must be formally written and
TYPED to get a grade.
What you need to turn in:
Lab Following the Lab Format Given
BE SURE to include these questions in your conclusion at the end of
the lab report.
Discussion Questions:
1. In what way might the formation of owl pellets increase an owl’s
chances of survival in an ecosystem?
2. a) What are some ways you might predict which species of prey
animals you might find in an owl pellet?
b) How can you distinguish between vertebrate (animals with a
backbone) and invertebrate (animals without a backbone)
material? Between birds and mammals?
3. How many skeletons were you able to find/assemble from your owl
4.How many different species of animals did you find in your owl
5. Were the remains of any voles found in owl pellets?
6. How would a sudden decrease in the shrew population affect the
barn owl
7. How would a sudden decrease in the vole population affect the
barn owl population?
8. Assume that an owl eats 100 1-gram insects and 1 100-gram rat.
Did the insects or rat contribute more to the owl’s diet? How does
foraging time affect this outcome?
9. Is quantity or quality of prey more important?