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Name: ____________________________________________________________
Date: _________________________
Chapter 2: Keyword Proofs
Topic 7 Homework: Unknown Angles in Proofs
Period: _______
Before we start, here are some things to keep in mind:
-The sum of the interior angles of a triangle are ___________________ degrees.
Are a and b congruent?_________ What type of angles are these called? _______________________
Parallel lines cut by a transversal: Think about what angles are congruent
and supplementary? What are the names of the congruent angles? (Hint:
One example could be corresponding angles.)
Complete the examples below, using your knowledge of Geometry.
1.) In the given diagram, prove that
2.) In the given figure,
. Prove that
Hint: You can add letters or numbers to the angles as needed.
3.) Using the diagram at the right, prove that
Hint: Remember the properties for parallel lines cut by a transversal.