Download Albert Einstein College of Medicine Global Health Center Grants awarded 2008-2013

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Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Global Health Center
Grants awarded 2008-2013
2013 Pilot Grant awards:
Dr. Dean Hosgood
Feasability of an epidemiological study of wood burning and lung cancer risk among never smoking
females in Thailand
Dr. Peter Klatsky
Offering Basic Infertility Care in East Africa
Dr. James Brust
Prevalence of inhA Promoter Mutations in Patients with Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa
Dr. Adebola Adedimeji
Project HOPE: Community-based interventions to increase HIV testing and linkage to care for
African immigrants living in Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Katlyne Lubin
Children with developmental disabilities in Haiti: Determining prevalence and needs
2013 Microgrant awards:
Dr. David Gritz
Epidemiological Characteristics of Cornea Transplant Donors and Recipients at the Cuban Institute
of Opthalmology Ramon Pando Ferrer
2012-3 Microgrant awards:
Dr. Alecia Thompson
Teaching rural Belizean medical staff neonatal resuscitation skills through low-fidelity simulation
Dr. Orna Rosen
Improving Resuscitation of Newborns in Dominica
Dr. Huma Naqvi
A web-based educational and training program on physiatric approaches to the care of children
with neurodisabilities in Baghdad, Iraq
Dr. Theresa Madaline
Immunophenotyping in Malawi
Dr. Lise-Anne Pirofski
Infection with fungal pathogens
2012 Pilot Grant awards:
Dr. Rosy Chhabra
Kasarani OVC Project Evaluation (KOPE)
Dr. Alison Karasz
The ASHA Mental Health Intervention: A Proposed Pilot Project in Kolkatta, India,
Dr. David Gritz
Epidemiology of Chronic-Recurrent Phase Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome
Dr. Lanny Smith
Understanding Type 2 Diabetes in an Indigenous Population of Chiapas, Mexico,
2011 Microgrant awards:
Dr. Max O’Donnell
Analysis of the efficacy of Clofazimine in the treatment of XDR-TB in South Africa
Dr. Adam Friedman
A teledermatology and dermatopathology-based dermatology consult service in Kisoro, Uganda
Dr. Peter Klatsky
Improving Reproductive Health Access in Rural Africa.
2010 Pilot Grant Awards:
Dr. Gerald Paccione:
Community Health Workers in Kisoro, Uganda: Incentivizing Performance and Management of
Chronic Disease
Dr. Max O’Donnell:
The evolution of resistance to moxifloxacin among extensively drug resistant tuberculosis (XDRTB) patients on treatment in South Africa
Dr. Ilir Agalliu:
The feasibility of population level epidemiological research on prostate cancer in Ibadan, Nigeria,
Dr. Kami Kim:
Pathological features associated with HIV co-infection in cerebral malaria,
Dr. Dena Goffman:
Site-specific emergency obstetric simulation training: training of trainers program in a typical
African hospital setting
2010- 2011 Microgrant Awards:
Dr. Roger Duvivier :
VIAA and HPV testing as primary screening tools in cervical cancer prevention
Dr. Rosy Chhabra:
Building an international Research Collaboration in Kenya
Dr. Yvette Calderon:
Increasing HIV testing among Black African Migrants
Dr. Katlyne Lubin:
Children with Developmental Disabilities in Haiti: Determining prevalence and needs.
2009 Pilot Grant Awards:
Dr. Johanna Daily:
The role of memory B-cells and malaria specific antibodies that underlie the loss of malarial
immunity in HIV infected adults
Dr. Elizabeth Walker:
Diabetes self-management training program for use in 20 diabetes clinics in the region of Kampala,
Dr. Ellen Silver:
Teen connections in India
2009 Microgrants:
Dr. David Lounsbury:
To develop a plan for collaborative research program in cancer prevention and control between the
University of Ibadan’s Lola Marinho Psycho-Oncotherapy Centre (LMPC) and Albert Einstein
Cancer Center.
Dr. Lisa Nathan:
To strengthen previously funded project, Obstetric Services in Rural Rwanda: A Prospective Cohort
Dr. Lamia Soghier:
Improving Resuscitation of Newborns in Egypt
2008 Pilot Grant Awards:
Dr. Marla Keller:
Genital Tract Mucosal Immunity in Rwandan Women
Dr. Lisa Nathan:
Obstetric Services in Rural Rwanda (Kigali Province): A Randomized
Cluster Community Based Study
Dr. Pamela Tropper:
To Enhance the Promise of Ethiopian Life – a Pilot Project to Improve Maternal-Infant Mortality and
Morbidity in the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia