Download Solid State Protection System and Digital Rod Position Indication System Power Supply Replacement

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Nuclear Automation
Solid State Protection System
and Digital Rod Position
Indication System Power
Supply Replacement
Westinghouse has developed new power
supplies for use in the solid state protection
system (SSPS) and digital rod position
indication system (DRPI) data cabinets. The
new power supplies will replace the obsolete
Basler power supply and are the same in
form, fit and function as the original supplies.
The new part numbers are 5D63760G01-G04,
depending on system and voltage
• Physically interchangeable with the existing units
• Lighter in weight than the original supplies
• Easier to service than the current units
• Identical front panel circuit breakers and voltage
adjustments to the original power supplies
• New front panel LEDs indicate DC OK or fault
• State-of-the-art electronics incorporated into the
new supplies
November 2011
©2014 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All Rights Reserved
• The replacement power supplies successfully underwent
seismic and environmental tests in accordance with the
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
344-1987 and IEEE 323-1983
• The seismic test levels envelope the seismic requirements
of the original power supplies
• The new power supplies meet or exceed the electrical
specifications of the existing power supplies
Front view of power supply 5D63760G03
Top view of power supply 5D63760G03
Westinghouse Electric Company
1000 Westinghouse Drive
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Rear view of power supply 5D63760G03