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By: Scott
Study of Climate, Surface, Countries, Peoples,
Industries, Natural Resources, etc.
The Top and Side of a globe, used to identify
Run around the globe from east to west
Run From north to south
All assigned A specific degree
Zero degrees and zero minutes, run all the way
around the globe at its halfway point between
the north and south poles
Pin- Pointed location either in the northern or
southern hemisphere
Runs through England, parts of Africa, Europe
and Antarctica
Located at 0 degrees and 0 minutes longitude
Located at 180 degrees 0 degrees longitude
Latitude: 32 degrees 2 degrees and 35 degrees
north, longitude: 80 degrees, 50 degrees and 85
degrees, 36 degrees west
The continent that GA is part of, includes
Mexico , Canada, and the USA
The country we live in and has 50 states
The state of GA is part of this region of the US,
includes Florida, Alabama, North & South
Fastest growing part of the country, stretches
from the Carolinas to California.
Areas consistent weather patterns over long
periods of time
Helped by GA’s climate, includes money and
Violent storms that form over the Atlantic Ocean
With winds of more than 75 MPH
Hurricane like storms with winds less than 75
MPH, not as powerful as a hurricane
Common during the spring and summer
months, they strike hard and fast, producing
thunder and large amounts of rain
Large potentially deadly storm clouds that
rotate very fast creating a vacuum
Times where an area does not get enough rain to
maintain comfortable levels of water for public
Area of GA that contains flat land that sits at a
higher elevation
Located in the North- West region of GA,
ranges in elevation from 700 to 1600 feet
North East corner of GA extends to Tennessee
and the Carolinas starts the Appalachian
These mountains run from Maine to Alabama,
running through GA AKA Blue Ridge
Second largest region in the state, taking up
roughly 30% of GA’s land area and is the most
populated region, Includes ATL
Approximately 60% of GA’s land area, and is the
states largest region, sits next to the Atlantic
Ocean, farthest south region.
I am the area where the piedmont and the
coastal plains regions meet.
20 miles wide, and extends from Columbus in
the west, through Macon and Milledgeville, to
Augusta in the west.
Elevation begins to drop drastically.
Islands along GA’s coast, they guard GA from
heavy storms, and massive waves.
I am a river that begins in the Blue Ridge Mts.
And flow s Southwest, I run through the Metro
Atlanta area before becoming the border
between GA and Alabama
I am a major river that is named after an
important city in GA, I create the border
between GA and South Carolina
I am the biggest swamp in GA, covering 700
Sq. Miles, I am a freshwater wetland in South
What represents GA’s latitude?
Georgia is located in which Hemisphere?
What describes the effect of Georgia's climate
on its economy?
In less than 45 minutes, Jeff rode his motorcycle
through parts of Alabama and Tennessee
before stopping at a restaurant in GA. The
restaurant Jeff stopped at is MOST LIKELY
located in which Region?
Emily hates living in a crowded place and can’t
stand snow. She prefers wide-open, flat spaces
with lots of farm land and warm weather.
Which of GA’s regions would Emily most
likely enjoy living in?
What projects would GA and SC most likely
work together on?