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Networking &
Network Administration
Tuesday April 27, 2010
Basic networking
Hardware in LAN and WAN’s
Addressing and routing
No single networking technology is best for
all needs
Universal service
Allows arbitrary pairs of computers to
Incompatibilities among network hardware and
physical addressing prevent connecting bridged
networks with arbitrary technologies
Internetworking provides universal service
among heterogeneous networks
Physical network connections
with routers
Routers have a processor and memory
Have separate I/O interfaces for each
network to which it connects
Internet architecture
One router could connect these networks
Routers can have multiple interfaces
Redundancy improves reliability
Achieving universal service
Goal of internetworking is universal service
across heterogeneous networks
Internet protocols make this possible
It is a virtual network made up of many small
The communication system is an abstraction
TCP/IP internet protocols
Compare this to 7 layer OSI model
IP Internet Protocol Addresses
Dotted decimal
Address classes
Special IP Addresses
Reserved, not assigned
CIDR (Classless Inter-domain
Domain Registry