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Summary - Part 3 - Objectives
The purpose of this basic IP technology training is to explain
video over IP network. This training describes how video can be
used on a network using IP protocol and enables individuals to
understand how the IP network can respond to today’s increasing
need of sharing video any time and anywhere.
“What is it?”
As a first step, three main issues tackled here are IP protocol,
networks, and video over IP. The training consists of nonexhaustive information aimed at demystifying the use of video
over IP network.
“How to run it?”
As a second step, you may refer to the training on Sony IP
monitoring solutions to understand how to run your application
over network.
Basic Training on IP Technology
- Part 3 -
Summary - Part 3 
Video monitoring over IP
 What is video monitoring over IP?
 Video transmission over a TCP/IP network.
 Analog versus IP.
 Typical applications.
 Sony based solutions.
Video Monitoring Over IP
Video monitoring over IP consists of transmitting and controlling
video over a TCP/IP network.
TCP/IP is the de facto universal transportation protocol for all data
including video and audio.
It offers a number of advantages compared to analog video monitoring
as explained in a later slide.
Video monitoring is already used in various application areas
 Web attraction
 Surveillance
 Remote monitoring
For each of those applications, Sony provides a number of solutions
for Video over IP:
 SNT-RZ30N Video Network Color P/T/Z Camera
 SNC-VL10N Video Network Color Camera
Transmission of Video Over a TCP/IP Network
In electronic form, "data" refers to files and databases, text documents,
spreadsheets, pictures, voice and video.
 In computer terms, data is a string of "1" and "0".
Data, voice and video are all digital processed information, but differ
in the time that it is transmitted.
 Voice and video are time-sensitive.
 Data is not time-sensitive.
IP is a packet-switched network, meaning that it breaks up information
into smaller packets for transmission.
 This could mean a delay in, for example, a voice conversation.
For video and audio, codes accompany the data indicating what
time the conversation has resumed so the audio/video can be
delivered in real-time.
Analog vs. IP
Despite the constraints of video transmission over a TCP/IP network,
video monitoring over IP offers many advantages compared to
analog video monitoring.
Advantages - Video Monitoring over IP vs. Analog Video
 Flexible solution vs. Static solution.
 Use standard data networks vs. extra cabling & equipment.
 Multiple access over network vs. limited access.
 Easy upgrade vs. dedicated equipment.
 Easy image management vs. complex image management.
 Remote monitoring vs. closed circuit installation.
Applications of Video Monitoring over IP
Video monitoring is already used in various application areas including:
Web attraction
 Posting real-time images on a network (very often internet) is what
makes the web attraction application so popular these days.
 The current merging of analog and digital worlds is particularly
true in the surveillance application where existing systems need to
integrate the IT environment, thus enriching the existing CCTV
systems with new functions and more flexibility at a lower cost.
Remote monitoring
 Being able to view a process taking place in your professional
environment (factory, construction work, etc.) while working from
home or at your desk in the office.
Sony IP Monitoring Products
For each of the applications, Sony provides a number of solutions for
Video over IP.
Sony provides both an IP server and an IP camera covering all
applications for video monitoring over IP.
 IP camera and video server solutions are ideal for sharing highquality video streams over existing computer networks.
Sony IP Monitoring Products
Presently this line up consists of two types of products:
 SNC-VL10N Video Network Camera
 This Sony IP camera provides a direct interface with
your network enabling video to be remotely
monitored and controlled over LANs and WANs.
 Also available in a PAL version (SNC-VL10P).
 SNC-RZ30N Video Network Camera
 The camera has Pan / Tilt / Zoom functions in
addition to the functions of SNC-VL10
 Optical 25 X zoom
 Two PCMCIA slots
 Day and Night Function
For more details about these Sony solutions, please refer to
our web-site.