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Roskilde University,Denmark
Basic Facts
Learning Principles
Working Methods
Course Content
Project Examples
Thomas Tufte
Presented at ’CoMundus Induction Days’,
Chianchiano, 2-4 October 2008
Basic facts from RUC
25 years of communication studies
 3 comm-relevant masters programs:
– MA in Communication (150 pr year)
Ordinary Track
International Track
– MA in Professional Communication (Distance
education, 15-20 pr year)
– MA in Performance Design (30 pr year)
(Other RUC-MAs: Journalism, PR, Int’l
Learning Principles & Working
The 4 Ps:
– Problem Driven (students define the problem)
– Project Based (projects; 18 of 30 ECTS pr semester)
– Praxis Oriented (1 semester in the field + rekvirentsystem)
– Process Oriented (group based, exams)
P+P+P+P = Participatory & Student-Centered
Learning Process
My Role? Facilitating learning processes
Course Content
Each course is 4 ECTS
Development and
42 students (from 16
– Seminar at WHO-Euro
– 10 page group course
assignment assessing
organisations’s comm
Considering that we are living in a
time of strong economic and cultural
globalisation, in a time of ’rupture’ in
world development processes – with
mass migration and huge advances
and changes in the electronic media
– what role is media and
communication playing in these
processes of change?
How can we use communication
strategically to articulate processes
of change, be it social change, policy
change or behaviour change? The
overall course objective is to rethink
communication for development –
and how to approach and address
different audiences – in the context
of a crtical assessment of
Course Examples
 Audience
 Dialogic Communication
 Media Convergence
 Video production
 Edutainment
 Health Communication,
Projects (15 of 30 ECTS):
– Communication for Human Rights – the case of Afghanistan;
Assessing Theories of Communication for Social Change
– CFSC in HIV/AIDS Prevention in Uganda
– Forum Theatre
– Local Media, Integration and Social Change in ’Vollsmose’ (a
neighbourhood of Odense with 70% ethnic minorities)
– Communication and Conflict Resolution
– Management and Communication for Social Change
Faculty Team
 Head
of Studies, Karsten Petersen
 CoMundus contacts: Kim Schrøder
and Rikke Krogh
 Course
Providers: Henrik Juel,
Francesco Lapenta, Thomas Tufte,
Louise Phillips, etc.