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Phylum Annelida- Segmented Worms
Fire worm
Feather duster
Christmas tree
Segmented worms such as earthworms have bodies made up of
many linked sections called segments. They don’t have a smooth outer
body like roundworms. Like roundworms, segmented worms have a
one way digestive tract with two openings, a mouth and an anus. Just
as in flatworms and roundworms some segmented worms are parasitic,
for example a leech is a type of parasitic segmented worms.
Segmented worms have a closed circulatory system, this means
that blood only moves within a connected network of tubes called blood
vessels. In contrast, some animals, such as insects, have an open
circulatory system in which blood leaves the blood vessels and sloshed
around the body. A closed system works more efficiently and can deliver
oxygen and food to cells more quickly.
Earthworms are the most recognizable type of segmented worm.
They are very helpful inhabitants of gardens and farms because their
droppings make soil more fertile. They also help loosen soil and allow
air, water and plant roots to move easily through it.