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Changing Health
Lesson 2 Changing Health Behaviors
Journal Question
• Which of the following things do you think
influences your health behaviors the most?
– Modeling (watching others)
– Competence (your skills and abilities)
– Positive attitudes and beliefs
Groups and Health
Personal Health
Personal health refers to your own health and
Global Health
• Global health refers to the health of
everyone on our planet.
• Health practices in one country can
influence the health of another nation and
its citizens.
Community Health
• The health and wellness of a community
depend on the personal health of
individuals in the community.
• A collection of groups makes up a
community—for example, a school, a
worksite, a neighborhood, or a town.
Stages of Change
Transtheoretical Model
• Five stages of change
• A model, not a theory
• Combines theories
• Self-confidence important
• Decisional balance important (more
positives than negatives)
Social Learning Theory
• Social cognitive theory
• Modeling important (role models)
• Social interactions
• Self-efficacy is motivating
Self-Determination Theory
• Motivation is central to theory.
• Intrinsic (internal) motivation.
• Self-determination (autonomy) helps you
feel motivated.
• Relatedness to others is motivating.
Theory of Planned Behavior
• Attitudes motivate your actions.
• Personal beliefs motivate your actions.
• Stating your intention to change helps you
make change.
• Emphasizes self-confidence, thinking, and
social interactions.
Health Belief Model
• Requirements for taking action to change:
• Interest in health matters
• Feelings that you are susceptible to illness
• Belief that a treatment works
• Belief that an illness could be serious