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Sensation & Perception (6-8%)
Sensation = detection of a physical stimulus
Perception = the interpretation of a sensation
Pick one to lose!
If you were told that you HAD to give up one
of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch,
Which one would you choose not to have?
 Why this one, not one of the others?
 Describe what you think the results of this loss
would be?
 Psychologically
Discussion Points
Tally Results
Visual Dominance =
we are very reliant on our sense of vision
 “priority” sense
Interaction of taste and smell=
by giving up smell, you are also giving up much of
the flavor of food
 You lose the ability to smell or taste dangerous
Increased Sensitivity= not true
Instead, you give more attention to the other senses
Diagrams of the Eye
and Ear
Structure of the Eye
 Pupil
 Optic nerve
 Cornea
 Retina
 Lens
Structure of the Ear
Auditory nerve
 Oval window
 Outer ear
 Cochlea
 Eardrum (Tympanic
 Anvil
 Auditory canal
 stirrup
Vision & Hearing Activity
Watch the video for 2 minutes without sound
try to determine what it’s about
Put your heads down and close your eyes, but
listen to the video
Which sense was more helpful to understanding
what was happening?
Bright paper/white paper vision activity
Incredible human machine