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Yellow Journalism
Ms. Muson & Mrs. Masi
What is Yellow Journalism?
• Reporting by news
organizations who favor:
Self promotion
• Over
Factual reporting
Journalistic reputation
• Characterized by huge
circulations in big cities
Where Did The Term Come From?
• Rivalry between newspapers
– New York Journal owned by
Will Randolf Hearst
– The World owned by Joseph
• Popular comic strip Yellow
Kid by Richard F. Outcault –
NY Journal
– Outcault hired away from NY
Journal to work for The World
• Hearst’s warnings about the
“Yellow Peril” of Asian
: quadrinhos/artigos/base_pa...
It Wasn’t All Bad…
Yellow journalism appealed to
readers across all classes
Yellow journalism pioneered a
new visual “look” for newspapers
– Images splashed across multiple
– Attractive headlines
– Attention paid to what paper looks
like “above the fold”
– Important stories had several
successive headlines
– Human interest stories became
more “newsworthy”
Sports pages, women’s news,
activities about town and comics
were now included
– Out was the uniform single
column first page
Effects on Public Sentiment
CREATOR: Leon Barritt
• Many historians feel that the public might not have paid
attention to the onset of the Spanish American War, if
not for the fact that it coincided with a newspaper
circulation war in NY between Hearst and Pultizer
• Distortions and interventions of reporters shaped public
opinion and created war fever in the US
Enduring Style of Communication
Today, newspapers called
tabloids still use many of the
same visual, sensational and
scandalous methods to attract
readers that the New York
Journal and the New York
World introduced
Readership or circulation is
still very competitive
Influence or the ability to
shape public perception is still
a goal of publishers
Color lithograph by Grant Hamilton.
Illus. in: Judge, 1898 April 30.