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Ch. 5 and 6
1) What invention did Egypt
make? A 365 – day calendar
2) Mesopotamia has what types
of floods? Unpredictable and
3) According to the Hebrew
Bible, whom did Samuel
anoint as the first king of
Israel? Saul
4) Who was the commander of
the enemy’s forces? Sisera
5) Who will lead the Israelites
into battle? Barak
6) What was one of Deborah’s
duties? Settling disputes
7) How were the pyramids of
the Kushites different from
those of the Egyptians? They
built smaller pyramids that
were more steeply sloped.
8) Who translated the Hebrew
Bible into Greek, spreading
Jewish ideas? Jews of the
9) The Nile River – the longest
river in the world – is 4,000 miles
10) The chief god of the
Egyptians was Re.
11) Christians called the
Hebrew Bible the Old
12) Who fought the Romans for
freedom and drove them out
of Jerusalem in A.D. 66 for a
short period of time? Zealots
13) Who defeated the
Chaldeans and conquered
Babylon? Persians
14) The scrolls of the Torah are
kept in a cabinet called the
Ark of the Law.
15) Amenhotep felt threatened
by the priests’ control or
16) Who was a model of
dedication to family for
Jewish girls to imitate? Ruth
17) Who is believed to have written
many of the Psalms? David
18) One of the reasons the Kushites
moved their capital to Meroe was
to be closer to iron ore deposits.
19) The wise saying of Solemn
were written down and are
called proverbs.
20) Egyptians traded with the
present-day countries of
Lebanon for wood.
21) Isis – ruled the underworld
with her husband Osiris
22) Pyramid – entrance always
faced north
23) Pharaoh – believed to be the
son for Re, the sun god
24) Nile – world’s longest river
25) Hapi – goddess who ruled the
Nile River
26) The Israelites believed that
humans planed, but the Lord
directed their steps. This
means that God controls
humans’ actions.
27) The Hebrew Bible states
that Daniel’s faith in God
protected him from the lions.
28) The worship of more than
one God is called polytheism.
29) The word pharaoh
originally meant “great
30) The capital of Kush, located
on a trade route was Napata.
31) What did the appearance of
Sirius in the east after a long
absence tell the ancient
Egyptians? The Nile would
soon rise.
32) What was the ancient
Egyptian name for Orion? Sah
or Sahu
33) Most Egyptians prayed at
home, so temples were used
only for special occasions.
34) Who lived isolated in the desert,
praying for God to deliver them
from the Romans? Essenes
35) Oral law is composed, or made up
out of, legal interpretations passed
down over time by word of mouth.
36) Who founded a school that
became a center for Torah
studies? Yohanan ben Zaccai
37) Talmud – teachings about
the Torah and record of
Jewish law
38) Dead Sea Scrolls – probably
written by the Essenes
39) Covenant – an agreement
with God
40) Exodus – departure of the
Isrealites out of slavery in
41) Rabbis – religious Jewish
42) Tabernacle – tent like
structure where the Israelite
tribes worshipped God
43) Zealots – wanted to fight for
their freedom against the
44) Kosher – food prepared
according to Jewish dietary
45) Exile – being forced to leave
one’s homeland
46) Solomon - king who built
the temple in Jerusalem
47) In 750 B.C. which Kushite
king invaded Egypt? Kashta