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8-3 Trigonometry Part 1
Learning Goal: Apply the sine, cosine and
tangent ratios to real life scenarios
How does one calculate the length if the
triangle is not a special right triangle?
 Trigonometric Ratios – the equivalent
o a o
h h a
corresponding side ratios of right triangles.
 Sine θ = opp/ hyp
 Cosine θ = adj / hyp
 Tangent θ = opp / adj
Example 1: Writing Trig Ratios
What are the sine, cosine, and tangent
ratios for angle T? Angle G?
Example 2: Evaluating Trig Ratios
Example 3: Evaluating Trig ratios
If a person drops an object from
the Tower of Pisa at a height of
150ft, how far from the base of the
tower will the object land?
You try! Draw a picture!
A section of Filbert Street in San
Francisco rises at an angle of about
17o. If you walk 150ft up this section,
what is your vertical rise? Round to the
nearest foot.
Assignment: Add this to your progress
Heading: 8-3 part 1 pg 534 #8-17, 21
 To receive full credit, triangles must
be drawn with opp, adj, and hyp
sides labeled
 Due Friday for all classes