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Ch. 17 Section 3
Hitler & Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
Hitler and His Views
Hitler was born in
Austria in 1889.
 After failing out of
Secondary School
he moved to
 When World War I
began, he joined
the Austrian army.
His Views
 Core
was Racism, esp. antiSemitism (Discrimination
against Jews)
 Extreme Nationalist
Hitler during the Great War
Hitler’s Rise
After WWI he stayed in Germany
and entered politics.
 1919 he joined the German
Workers’ Party (right-wing
extreme nationalist)
 By 1921 he dominated the party &
renamed it to National Socialist
German Workers’ Party (NSGWP or
The Party & SA
By 1923 party
grew to 55,000
member and it
had a militia of
 (A.K.A. SA or
Storm Troopers)
Hitler, 1923
Hitler’s prison trip
 1923,
Hitler staged an army
uprising in Munich but it was
quickly crushed.
 He was sent to prison for
 In prison he wrote his book,
Mein Kampf, (His Struggles)
From Prison
Rise of Nazism
Once out of prison, Hitler
expanded the Nazi party all over
 By 1929 it was a national party.
 1932 it had 800,000 members and the
largest party in the Reichstag
Great Depression
The G.D. brought
the Nazi party to
 Hitler promised
a new
 Promised
national pride,
national honor,
and militarism.
Hitler and Hidenburg
Victory of Nazism
Reichstag had little power.
 Right-wing elites looked to Hitler for
 With this he had the power to save
Germany from communist takeover.
 1933 Hidenburg agreed to let
Hitler became chancellor.
Hitler’s take’s Germany
Hitler reviews 35,000 SA
Complete control
His complete control occurred in March
1933. (After Hidenburg’s death)
 Enabling Act – law gave Gov’t the power
to ignore the constitution for 4 yrs. While
Hitler saves Germany.
 Concentration camps set-up for who
disapproves with the new regime.
 In 1934, Hitler was sole ruler of Germany.
The Nazi State, 1933-1939
Nazi Germany
sought an Aryan
1000 year empire
Schutzstaffeln (SS)
Heinrich Himmler
The State of Terror
 Schutzstaffeln
(SS) important
force to maintain order.
 Originally created for Hitler’s
 Heinrich Himmler- leader of SS,
secret police & regular police.
Nazi Germany
Women played a big role for Hitler’s
Aryan (perfect) race. Women were to
be wives and mothers, while men were
to be warriors and leaders.
 Nuremberg Laws- Excluded Jews
from German citizenship &
intermarriage relationship. Jews
had to wear the star of David and
carry an ID card.
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