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Chapter 8, Lesson 2
The Home Front
Mister Julian’s 5th Grade Class
Essential Question
How did World
War II affect the
United States
 Los Alamos, New Mexico
 Benjamin O. Davis Jr.
 Albert Einstein
Tuskegee Airmen
Atomic Bomb
Manhattan Project
The Depression Ends
 The country answered the presidents call
when he asked factories to produce war
goods to defeat the Axis.
 All of the production had an important
effect. Factories had to expand to produce
all the military equipment needed.
 As a result the Great Depression came to
an end.
New Jobs for Women
 When World War II began, 350,000
women served in the military as
nurses, airplane pilots, radio
operators, and mechanics.
 Millions more took over the jobs the
men left behind in factories, farms,
and other areas.
 There was even an all Girls Baseball
League during the war.
“Do Your Part”
 Americans were encouraged to “Do
Your Part” during the war.
 Children organized “Scrap drives”
collecting cans and old pots.
 With millions of soldiers to feed there
were food shortages.
 People were called to ration their
food, gas, and tires.
“Do Your Part”
 Everyone got a certain amount of
stamps for meat, dairy, canned veggies,
coffee, and even gas.
 If you wanted to buy that item you had
to give the store a stamp. When you ran
out of stamps you could not buy that
New Opportunities
 With many more job openings in
factories in the north this gave African
Americans new opportunities.
 Discrimination kept many from these
jobs before the war.
 The military also segregated black and
white soldiers.
New Opportunities
 Some African Americans wanted to serve
their country like Benjamin O. Davis Jr.
 Davis and 12 others started the first
fighter pilot training for blacks in
Tuskegee Alabama. They became known
as the Tuskegee Airmen.
 They served proudly over North Africa
and Europe.
Japanese Americans
 After Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans
were distrusted by many.
 In February 1942, Presidential Order #
9066 allowed the military to relocate
anyone seen as a threat to internment
 By the summer, more than 110,000 were
living in these camps.
Technology and War
 The war had both sides developing new
technologies to help their side.
 Albert Einstein, a German Jew, came
to the U.S. after Hitler took power.
 He believed that an Atomic Bomb could
be made and he felt that Germany was
likely working on one as well.
Technology and War
 In 1942, the U.S. started the
Manhattan Project, the code name for
the atomic bomb.
 The secret lab was located in Los
Alamos, New Mexico.
 By 1945, the atomic bomb was
Technology and War
 Scientists and mathematicians worked
to develop secret codes to
 They also worked on breaking the
other sides codes.
 The U.S. used the Navajo language,
which was never broken.
 1942 - More than 100, 00 Japanese
Americans were removed from their
homes on the West Coast.
 1942 - The United States government
began the Manhattan Project, a secret
effort to build an atomic bomb.
 1944 - Millions of American women
worked in the countries weapons
Written Response
 How did World War II affect the
American economy?