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Equations and Inequalities
Simple One step Solutions
How will I be asked to use this on
the CRCT?
What is a solution to the following equation
4x + 1 =9
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) None of the above
Substitute each answer in for x. The answer that creates a true
statement is the correct answer
Real Life Problem
• You are buying ingredients for tacos. At
the store you find that tortillas cost $2.99,
beans cost $0.99, cheese costs $3.99, two
tomatoes cost $1.00, and sour cream
costs $1.49. There is no tax. You paid
$13.75. How much did you spend on
• An inequality is a math sentence that
shows a comparison between the two
sides of the statement.
• An example of this is x>5
• What are four solutions to this statement?
• What are two non solutions?
Check to see if these are solutions
to the following problem
3n – 4 ≤ 8
What is the inequality that states all the
possible solutions for this statement?
Real life inequality
• Your vet says that you must restrict your
cat’s caloric intake to no more than 500
calories per day. If you feed your cat twice
a day, can you feed your cat a can of food
that has 300 calories every time she eats?
• Prove it!
Inverse operations
• To solve a one step equation or inequality,
you use the inverse operation
• Examples:
• X / 10 < 20
• x + 4 = 12
• 10 10
-4 = -4
x < 200
x =8
Mentally check your work through estimation or substitution
Your turn to practice
• Do page 27 # 1-25
• Create a word problem that could be used
on the chapter 1 test that asks students to
find a solution for an inequality
• How did you do?
• 15 correct is 60% You passed the CRCT
• 18 correct is 70% You passed Algebra
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