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Europe-wide Marketing –
a chance for rural areas
„SMEs are the foundation of rural
economy. Their competitiveness
should be kept and should be
made stronger.”
• The globalisation „eats“ workplaces in rural
areas. The result: increasing unemployment;
• Rural areas and their SMEs have high-quality
products and offers at their disposal;
• A target-oriented „Regional-Marketing“
(marketing of the region) and therefore the
marketing of SME are still in their early
It is worth to strengthen the SME
• SMEs and micro-businesses are the main
employers of Europe‘s rural areas;
• The provision of services mostly does not
correspond with the good quality of products:
– Regular customers do not get a quality service ;
– SMEs are mostly unreachable on weekends and
after work;
– SMEs barely apply modern technology and ITTools for marketing
Communication-Centers as a focus
of regional service
• Focused and professional service lifts the
competitiveness of rural SMEs;
• Expansion of the market by applying
inexpensive and modern IT-marketing tools;
• Linking-up of WebVoiceCenters in Europe to
establish the „Rural WebVoiceNetwork