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International sales management
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
October 13-18, 2014, Moscow
Lecturer: Olavi Filppula, MA
Table of contents
• Chapter one: Marketing strategy
– The key aspects of marketing and sales strategy
• Chapter two: Marketing mix
– Product decisions, sales decisions, communication
• Chapter three: International distribution and logistics
– Business-to-business marketing
– Effective distribution of products and services
Table of contents
• Chapter four: Marketing implementation
– Marketing and sales organization
– Human resource management in marketing and sales
– Sales management
• Chapter five: The collaborative sale
– Value-added sales – essential element in collaboration
– Buyer behaviour change – role of sales person
– Key account management – improving customer relationships
Topics for discussion
• What is international sales management?
• Differences between international and domestic
• Formulation, evaluation and selection of
marketing strategies
• Business-to-business marketing and sales
Topics for discussion, cont´d
• Market entry strategies, and methods
• International product management
• International marketing communications
• Management of international distribution and
• Resource management in marketing and sales
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