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the leader in time and attendance, human resources and payroll solutions
Comprehensive Workforce Management
Presented by
Patrick McCarthy – Sales Engineer
Carlos Gonzalez – Director of Sales
 Overview of Galaxy Technologies
 Galaxy’s Successful Partnering Program
 The TimeStar Product Line
 Working Together
 Questions and Conversation
 Developing And Delivering Time & Attendance Solutions
Since 1988, Partnered with Sage in 1990
 Headquartered In Madison, WI – Nationwide Customer
 Excellence In Engineering and Service
 Experienced Labor Management Consultants focused on
client business objectives
 Comprehensive Workforce Management
 In-house Engineering, Implementation and Support
Partner Relationship Managers
Ten Partner Relationship Managers
 More than a decade of timekeeping experience each
 Subject Matter Expertise
 Conduit for Engineering and Marketing Resources
 Extensive training experience
Engineering & Support
 31 Timekeeping experts
 No outsourced elements
 Complete code control and in-house knowledge
 Easy issues escalation within our own organization
 Culture of taking on what competitors call custom
Sales Engineer
 Demonstration Assistance
 Special Feature Development Due Diligence
 Integration expertise
 Best Practices Expertise
 Subject Matter Expertise at Trade Shows
 Webinar PowerPoint slides
 Skinned Versions of TimeStar
 Tradeshow Synchronization
 Website Content
 Branded Cut Sheets
 Successfully partnering with Sage and Abra business
partners for over twenty years
 Referral Partners
 Sales Partners
 Branded Reseller Partners
 Comprehensive Marketing Support
Leverage the trip!
Immediate Internet Workforce
Management Presence
 TimeStar v. 7!
 SaaS, Traditional Licensed and Managed Hosting
 P3 Enterprise Implementation
 P3100 Implementation
 Solution Optimization and Ongoing Support
TimeStar – Enterprise or On-Demand
 100% SQL Web-based
 No client installation
 Scalable
 Comprehensive Workforce Management
 Scheduling
 Complex Accruals
 Labor Allocation
 Workflow
 Mileage
 Attendance
 Labor Tracking
 Units Pay
 Flexible
 99 Org Levels
Abra Workforce Connections
ESS Integration
Data Collection Options
 Badge Time Clocks
 Proximity Clocks
 Internet Connected PCs
 PC Time Sheets
 Smart Phone
 Telephony
 Finger & Hand Biometrics
 GPS Telephone
Version 7.01
Surprises are fun when it
comes to birthday presents
but not when you’re
implementing workforce
solutions. If you don’t
know who you are working
with, what is happening in
the project or if the
products will work as
expected, your project has
the potential to be full of
unwelcome surprises.
 Introduction to Partner Relationship Manager
 Select Partner Program
 Align Messaging
 Develop Tools
 Work as a Team
 Carlos Gonzalez -Director of Sales
[email protected]
800-814-9096 office
608-444-0841 cell
Patrick McCarthy – Sales Engineer
Carlos Gonzalez – Director of Sales
[email protected]
[email protected]
the leader in time and attendance, human resources and payroll solutions