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Introducing a New Look at Cycles:
Sun Sign Sunology
with Sun Numbers, Sun Cycles and Sun Symbols
By: Sharon Moore
And Lydia Brightstar
The Circle
The circle represents everything there is.
The beginning of the circle represents the
beginning of any process.
As the circle is progressed through,
concepts build on one another through to
the end.
The circle can be split into any number of
Sunology splits the circle into 30 steps.
What is Sunology?
 Sunology is a daily spiritual practice that will
explode your creativity.
 It is a 30-step system that is presented to explain the
natural cycle of life experience and you within it.
 The system offers three main moving cycles that
exist in every life.
 One is the same for everyone (a 30-day cycle),
 The other two are unique for you
 a 30-month cycle and,
 a 30-year cycle.
 Sunology offers four main static numbers within the
stereo-typical 30-step cycle to define your
personality - using your birthday to define these
Sun = Sun?
 The steps mirror the general energy reflected
by the sun, as according to astrological lore.
 Sunology drills to the degree of an
astrological sign (offering 30 extra points of
detail) to track the sun’s energy from day to
 The sun symbolizes humanity’s paradigm of
the progression of any event.
 People “become” at a particular point in the
cycle, as well, and this defines their
What are Sun Numbers?
 Sun Numbers is the name of each step in the 30-step
cycle, so there are 30 sun numbers.
 “Sun” is because they are aligned with the movement of
the astrological sun.
 “Number” is because it is related to a degree.
 They are defined to accurately describe the energy of
the sun at the point in question.
 Their symbolism is aligned with real place and energy of
the Sun (better symbolism for a better tomorrow!)
 They are like how astrology signs are supposed to work,
only they are related to a day instead of a month.
Sample Symbols
 Starts with words, not images,
 Specific words, that deal with the energy of the
 One for each of the 30 steps in the cycle, times
12, one for each of the steps in an astrological
 Spirals of understanding, each a point of
consciousness within the next concept of
understanding (another point of consciousness).
This Final Split - The Symbols
There are 360 symbols – one for every
step, or degree of the zodiac.
The symbols are images, pictures,
phrases and concepts.
They represent the definitions of detailed
The energies that the symbols represent
are based on their placement in the
progression around a circle.
How is this applicable to yu?
 Your Symbols.
 Like: “An empty hammock” or “a harvest moon” or “a new moon dividing
its influence”. What is YOUR symbol (See the website!)?
 Your Sun Numbers
  Four points using your Sun and the Moon (position at birth), your
personality is associated with an energy which is defined by its
placement along the cycle. ☼
 Your Cycle Placement -
 You learn from the 30-Day cycle. You experience the 30-Month cycle.
You live the 30-Year cycle.
 It’s easy – watch my website for where we are in the cycle! Twitter to
find out! No expense to practice!
Buy the book and you’re set!