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Astronomy Introduction
• Astronomy is
the study of…
• the heavens
• the Earth’s
place in the
What is astrology?
• Astrology is the
belief that
events in the
heavens affect
the lives of
individuals on
• What an
appropriate title
for the book on
the right!
What’s the difference?
• For many years there was none,
but to put it simply:
• The difference between
astronomy and astrology is the
same as the difference between a
telescope and a horoscope.
• Astronomy is science, astrology is
The Scientific Method
• Step One: is to observe a natural
phenomenon and form a question.
• Step Two: is to hypothesize an
• Step Three: is to make further
observations and/or experiment to
test the hypothesis.
• Step Four: is to revise your
hypothesis if necessary and repeat
step three!
In summary…
Observe and Question
Hypothesize (Educated Guess)
Revise and Repeat
• Note: Hypotheses are not
thoroughly tested, Theories are well
tested and are accepted by the
scientific community.
Hypothesis and Theory
• In our everyday language (the
vernacular) those words are
interchanged without much thought.
• In science however, we must be
• Can you think of some ideas that are
called theories and hypotheses?
How about Laws or Principles?
• Discuss…
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