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Input devices
• Keyboards
• Mouse
• MICR (magnetic ink
character reader)
• OCR (optical character
• OMR (optical mark reader)
• Graphics Tablet
• Barcode readers
• Microphones
Input devices
• Keyboard
• A standard keyboard uses keys that stand for different
characters that the computer recognises in its character set.
The common keyboard is known as the QWERTY keyboard.
But his design isn’t a very good design.
• Mouse
• A mouse is designed to be used as a pointer on the screen.
It’s useful because it copies the way that humans point. A
mouse is really two input devices one is the movement and
the other is being able to select things. There are different
types of mice for example the track ball used in many laptop
Input devices
• MICR (magnetic ink character reader)
• These read characters that are printed on a
document at the time when it is created. The
character are printed using magnetic ink. The most
common use for these is when printed on the
bottom of cheques
• OCR (optical character reader)
• this is a device that reads characters and can
distinguish between them. OCR is a unreliable form
of input and works more effectively when it is
restricted to having to recognise a standard set
produced by printing rather then writing.
Input devices
• OMR (optical mark reader)
• this device can recognise the presence of a mark on paper
and where that mark is tells the machine the what
information is there. Printing ion the sensitive areas of the
paper is done with a special type of ink that the OMR can’t
see. Which is why OMR documents are normally printed in
pink or blue. School registers or multiply choice exams.
• Graphics tablet
• A graphics tablet is a flat surface on which a piece of paper
is placed. The user can then draw on the piece of paper and
the tablet will sense where the pencil is pointing and transfer
the line to the screen.