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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - Key accomplishments
Development of extreme ultraviolet
lithography (EUVL) for fabricating nextgeneration computer chips.
Electron beam lithography - Electron energy deposition in matter
A study by the College of Nanoscale Science
and Engineering (CNSE) presented at the
2013 EUVL Workshop indicated that, as a
measure of electron blur, 50-100 eV electrons
easily penetrated beyond 10nm of resist
thickness (PMMA or commercial resist);
furthermore dielectric breakdown discharge is
DF G. Denbeaux et al., 2013 International
Workshop on EUV Lithography.]
Photoresist - Chemical amplification
This parasitic exposure would
degrade the resolution of the
photoresist; for 193nm the optical
resolution is the limiting factor
anyway, but for electron beam
lithography or EUVL it is the electron
range that determines the resolution
rather than the optics.
10 nanometer
SPIE 6925
ml Intel extending ArF lithography]
given the difficulty of implementing
EUVL|EUV lithography by
CNSE Technology Development
Consortium for EUVL]
Extreme UV
Its main uses are photoelectron
spectroscopy, Extreme ultraviolet
Imaging Telescope|solar imaging,
and EUVL|lithography.
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory - Key accomplishments
*Development of extreme ultraviolet
lithography (EUVL) for fabricating nextgeneration computer chips.
Extreme ultraviolet lithography
'Extreme ultraviolet lithography' (also
known as EUV or EUVL) is a nextgeneration lithography technology
using an extreme ultraviolet (EUV)
wavelength, currently expected to be
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL light source
while EUV sources are targeted to exceed 40
ASML update Nov
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL optics
EUVL is a significant departure from the deep
ultraviolet lithography used today
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL optics
The pre-production EUVL systems
built to date contain at least two
Condenser (optics)|condenser
multilayer mirrors, six projection
multilayer mirrors, and a multilayer
object (mask)
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL optics
The wafer throughput of an EUVL
exposure tool is a critical metric for
manufacturing capacity. Given that EUV
is a technology requiring high vacuum,
the throughput is limited (aside from
the source power) by the transfer of
wafers into and out of the tool chamber,
to a few wafers per hour.A. Brunton et
al., Proc. SPIE 5448, pp. 681-692 (2004).
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL optics
Another aspect of the pre-production
EUVL tools is the off-axis illumination (at
an angle of 6 degrees)L. Peters, Double
Patterning Leads Race for 32nm,
Semiconductor International, October
18, 2007. on a multilayer mask. The
resulting asymmetry (leading to nontelecentricity) in the diffraction pattern
causes shadowing effects which degrade
the pattern fidelity.M. Sugawara et al., J.
Vac. Sci. Tech. B 21, 2701 (2003).
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL optics
EUVL's shorter wavelength also
increases Lens flare|flare, resulting in
less than perfect image quality and
increased line width roughness.M.
Chandhok et al., J. Vac. Sci. Tech B 22,
2966 (2004).
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUV exposure of photoresist
e- + acid generator - 20eV are capable
of desorbing hydrogen and fluorine
anions from the
shinskiy_RutgersU.pdf B. Yakshinskiy
et al., Intl. Symp. on EUVL 2009] leading
to potential damage to the EUV optical
system.C. Song et al., Chem. Mater. 20,
3473–3479 (2008).
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL defects
EUVL faces specific defect issues analogous to
those being encountered by immersion
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUVL defects
Of course mask defects
are also a known source
of defects for EUVL
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUV with Double Patterning
In Intel's complementary lithography
scheme at 20nm half-pitch, EUV would be
used only in a second line-cutting
exposure after a first 193nm line-printing
1.pdf Intel presentation on
Complementary Lithography at 2012
International Workshop on EUV
Lithography] The cost may be compared
to the expected multiple exposures using
193nm light only
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - EUV with Double Patterning
Such a wavelength (~6.7nm) would be
beyond EUV, and is often referred to as
BEUV ('B'eyond 'E'xtreme
0/P14.pdf ASML presentation at 2010
International Workshop on Extreme
Ultraviolet Sources]
Extreme ultraviolet lithography - Resource requirements: EUV vs. ArF immersion double patterning
Mizoguchi, Laser Produced Plasma EUV
Light Source Gigaphoton Update, EUVL
Source Workshop, May 12, 2008.
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