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Picture Composition
• There are two parts to taking good
– Exposure
– Composition
• Exposure is the technical part of the
photographic process
• Composition is the creative part of the
photographic process
Composing Pictures
• So far we have looked at the various
exposure controls
• Tonight we will look at some basics of
photographic composition
• No amount of control or editing can take
the place of good picture composition.
• This is by no means a complete discussion
of composition, just some basics.
• Good composition is essential in
photography. It allows you to convey
messages and emotions through the
images that you shoot.
• Composition is a visual process of
organizing the elements and individual
details of a scene into a balanced and
pleasing arrangement.
• Photographic composition is ultimately a
matter of person taste.
• What one person likes another person may
• We will discuss some general rules of
composition that can help you take better
• Some general rules of composition that can
help you take better photographs are;
– Framing
– Strong focal point
– Rule of thirds
– Leading lines
– Angle of view
– Perspective
– Balance
Some General Composition
Rules - Framing
Fill the entire photograph with your
Have a strong focal point
Choose one main subject
for you photograph.
The main subject can be
one object or several.
Do not include distractions
that pull people away from
your photo.
Rule of Thirds
Divide you viewfinder into
thirds both horizontally and
Place your subject along
the divide lines between the
equal areas or at the places
where the these lines meet
Leading Lines
Leading lines help to
lead the viewers eye to
the important object in
the photograph
Be careful using leading
lines so they do not lead
away form the important
part of the photograph
Angle of View
Sometimes you will get
a more interesting
photograph by changing
you angle of view.
Sometime it will make a photograph more interesting if
you add an object to convey the perspective of the
The correct combination
of colors, shapes, and
areas of light and dark
that complement one
Optical vs Digital Zoom
• Optical zoom uses the optics (lens) of the
camera to bring the subject closer.
• Digital zoom enlarges a portion of the
image, thus 'simulating' optical zoom.
Optical vs Digital Zoom
• What the camera does is to crops a portion
of the image and then enlarges it back to
• When the camera does this you loose
image quality.
Is Digital Zoom Bad
• No really it is just another way of cropping
images using software.
• If you do not intend to make enlargements
of your photos it will give you decent
• However you can achieve the same effect
of the camera digital zoom by cropping the
image in photo editing software.