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By Preston Svendsen
Yosemite National Parks
State: CaliforniaRegion: West
Capital: Sacramento
Longitude: 36.4885°N
Latitude: 199. 7014°W
- It is made of granite. Half Dome of
Yosemite Valley
– Located in the southeast quadrant of park
– rises 8,000 feet from the valley floor
– is made of granite
El Capitan is a gigantic mass of un broken
granite. Rises about 3,600 feet
Lost Arrow Rock
- south
- rises about 2,800 feet
Ahwahchee indiansMiwok tribe
Lived in Yosemite for 7,000 years
Grinding rocks from them have been
Threw out the park.
Bridalveil falls
the first water fall seen by most Yosemite
Upper falls is 1,430 feet high.
Upper falls is 2cd tallest water fall in the United
states of America.
Lower falls is measures 320 feet high.
Rocks And Minerals
• The Half dome is made of granite.
• Lost Arrow Rock is made of granite too.
• El Capitan is also made of granite.
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