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Construction Materials Unit 2.1
Aggregate Materials can be any stone, sand or
gravel used in the construction of many different
parts of a project.
It can be gravel for laneways, basements, tile,
septic systems etc.
It can be any sand or gravel added to materials to
make them stronger. Ex – concrete.
It can also be any stone used in landscape or
design aspects to a home. Ex – retaining walls,
rubberized pebble finishes for patios.
• Aggregates can come from natural or
manufactured sources. Natural aggregates
come from any kind of rock, igneous (obsidian),
sedimentary (limestone, chalk) and metamorphic
rock (marble, granite)
• Manufactured aggregates are a result of
byproducts produced industrial processing (ex –
slag is a byproduct of processing copper and
• Fine aggregate are smaller stones and rocks
usually smaller than 4.75mm. These are usually
used in the preparation of cement mortar (for
bricking) and concrete. It helps add strength to
these two building materials.
• Coarse aggregate is anything larger than
4.75mm. Also used for concrete too add
strength. Coarse is also used for laneways, tiling
and septic systems.
Aggregate as a part of concrete