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Cristian Artache
• Region-West
• State-Montana
• Capital-Helena
• There are different landforms of Glacier
National Park.
• 700 miles of hiking trails.
• Valleys and mountains cover the land
variety and plants.
• Glacier National Park share the border
between the United States and Canada
• Together the two parks make up
International Peace Park.
• There were many American Indians in Glacier
• American Indians have lived in Glacier National
Park for more than 10,000 years.
• The Black feet the Kalispell, the Kootenai the
Salish, the Flathead were all early residents of
the area.
• The Blackfeet controlled most of the land.
• There are many bodies of water in Glacier National Park
• Some of the valleys filled with melted ice from the glaciers.
Water filled valleys turned into lakes.
• The powder fell into some of the lakes the powder turned the
lakes turquoise.
• Glaciers also changed the color of the lakes in the park.
Rocks and Minerals
• There are many rocks and minerals in Glacier National Park
• Rocks slid under the water slowly hardened into thick layers of
limestone, mudstone, and sandstone.
• One rock plate slid over another rock plate. The rocks piled up and
created the mountains.
• The majority of the rocks forming the mountains of the Peace Park
are the result of the deposition of sediments.
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