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Earth Science Daily Challenge, 12/11
What are the rocks
around here like?
Describe some of
their characteristics.
made from small pieces of other rocks
sediments or dissolved solids
processes that make sedimentary rock
1) weathering – breaking up of materials into
sediments and dissolved solids
2) erosion – transportation of materials by wind,
water, ice, and/or gravity
3) deposition – laying down/settling of materials
4) lithification
• compaction – squeezing together of materials
• cementation – natural gluing of materials
classified by type & size of grains
• Clastic – from mineral sediments
– SHALE made of clay size particles
– SANDSTONE made of sand sized particles
– CONGLOMERATE a mix of larger particles (BRECCIA)
• Organic – from once-living things
– COAL made of dead trees & swamp plant
– LIMESTONE made of shells of sea creatures (reefs)
• Chemical – from crystallization of dissolved solids
– ROCK SALT halite crystallized via evaporation
– ROCK GYPSUM gypsum crystallized via evaporation
– LIMESTONE calcite crystallized via evaporation
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