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Scour Protection Measures
Bridge scour is the removal of sediment such as sand and rocks from
around bridge abutments or piers. Scour, caused by swiftly moving water, can scoop out scour
holes, compromising the integrity of a structure.
 60% of all bridge collapses occur because of scour
Water flows faster around piers, foundations, and abutments
Localized Scour: Preventative Measures
Soil-Cement Mix
 Comprised of Rip-rap and Portland Cement
 Serves as protective underlayment surrounding
exposed foundation
 Lateral movement of channel will displace soil
around/under foundation
 Soil-cement mix acts as shield against localized
“Alternative Designs for Pier and Scour Protection…”
Colorado State University
Localized Scour: Preventative Measures (Continued)
Elevation of Soil-Cement Underlayment
 Natural stone filter media prevents bed erosion
 Utilize on-site materials
 Low cost
 Low maintenance
 Soil-cement shield to be excavated to pour as a
 Rip-Rap/Portland Cement
 #57 stone aggregate
 Sand
Natural Filter Media
Cross Vane/Bendway Weirs
Directs flow/scouring away from foundation
towards the middle of the river
Liquid-applied Bituminous Waterproofing
Surface-Applied Crystalline Concrete Waterproofer