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HIA in ASEAN 2009-2012
Assoc Prof Nusaraporn Kessomboon, PhD
HIA Focal Point, Thailand
HIA networks in ASEAN
• Informal networks:
1) HIA practitioners (HIA and disaster
2) Regional Forum on Environment and Health
in South-East and East Asian Countries (14
• ASEAN Community:
ASEAN focal points on HIA
April 2009
Chiang Mai Declaration on HIA for the Development of
Healthy Societies in Asia Pacific Region
• ASEAN shall set up a working group which consists of
experts in the field of HIA to attain the following
– to establish a body of knowledge, including ASEAN
HIA Guidelines, and mechanisms for the
implementation of HIA within the region and to
follow up the progress of HIA development in ASEAN
Member States
– to share studies and technical documents on HIA to
enhance public awareness of healthy lifestyles and
– to support capacity building on HIA for all
stakeholders through regional workshops and
Oct 2009
Draft recommendation paper
• “HIA: A Tool to Achieve the Maximum Benefit of the Healthy
ASEAN People” at Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.
Blueprint for the
ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (2009 -2015)
“ASEAN is committed to enhancing
the wellbeing and the livelihood of the people of
ASEAN through alleviating poverty, ensuring social
welfare and protection, building a safe secure and drug
free environment , enhancing disaster resilience and
addressing health development concerns.”
Blueprint for the
ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (2009 -2015)
The sub-section B4 ;Access to Healthcare and
Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles,
Action V ; Access to healthcare and promotion of healthy
lifestyle encourages the enhance of awareness on the impact
of regional/global trade policies and economic integration on
health and develop possible strategies to mitigate their
negative impacts through regional workshops and seminars,
advocacy, sharing of studies and technical documents.
ASEAN community needs to have an
enhanced awareness of the multitude
of factors impacting on the well-being
of ASEAN peoples
Dec 2009
• 5th Senior Officials Meeting on Health
Development (SOMHD) Meeting in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia
Dec 2009 – Feb 2010
• Gather comments from ASEAN members
• Member States communicated their views on
the draft by written document:
“Agreed on the principle of development of
HIA in ASEAN with minor modifications and
integration of HIA within the Strategic
Environmental Assessment. The details can
be discussed later.”
July 2011
6th SOMHD, Naypyitaw, Myanmar
Thailand to lead the initiative as well as
implementation of HIA and report it to SOMHD
Member States will nominate focal point for HIA
Thailand will develop the TOR and framework of
HIA and further share and discuss it to the HIA
focal point.
Thailand convene the 1st Capacity Building
Workshop on HIA for ASEAN on Feb12.
13 – 14 Feb 2012
• 1 st HIA for ASEAN Workshop “Understanding Health
Impact Assessment (HIA): A Foundation for the Wellbeing of the ASEAN Community” at the Aquamarine
resort and villa, Phuket.
• Outputs:
- framework for ASEAN Focal Point on HIA and terms of
- HIA proposal on climate change and disaster
management in ASEAN
26-30 March 2012
• 7th SOMHD, Cebu, the Phillipines
• Acknowledged..
1) the framework for
ASEAN Focal Point on HIA and terms of reference;
2) the HIA proposal on climate change and disaster
management in ASEAN; and
3) to have a 2nd workshop (parallel session 1&2) in 2012
that have objectives 1) to set the work plan and 2)
develop the framework for ASEAN Joint Report on HIA,
Climate Change and Disaster Management, hosted by
6-8 June 2012
• Meeting of Experts on Measuring
Health Equity and Health Impact
Assessment towards Health in all
Policies, WHO/SEARO, New Delhi
• Brainstorm on HIA approach and
appropriate methodologies for
South East Asia
20-22 June 2012
• Expert Consultation on Impact
Assessment as a tool for
Multisectoral Action for
Health, Kobe, JAPAN
• to examine tools that will assist
policy makers to promote and
sustain multisectoral action for
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