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Global Warming
By: Rachel Ricchio
Problem and Background
The Earth has progressively become warmer.
 Industrial revolution caused a large % of the CO2
to be in our air.
 Too much of harmful gases are getting trapped in
the earth’s surface.
 Causing the earth’s temperature to rise about 1*
Fahrenheit every 100 years.
 Plants can’t consume all of the CO2 in the air.
 Trees and plants are becoming deforested.
Current Status/recent Events
The Wilkins ice shelf in Antarctica.
Major increases with the temperature in the
Disturbing statistics with nations.
Amazing discoveries within the ocean.
An unusual amount of calved ice bergs
spotted around the continent of Antarctica.
Reasons for Problem/ Recent
New greenhouse gas identified and believed
to cause global warming: Triflouromethyl
sulfur Pentaflouride.
Scientists discover that soot, is the
secondary culprit of global warming.
Permafrost is melting
March 21st, 2002…
– 30% of china’s desert was caused by humans and
global warming. A major dust bowl occurred and
wiped out most of the Chinese cities.
Previous Attempts to End
Kyoto protocol..
- Only 50 out of 170 nations have started to reduce
their production of CO2.
The united nations framework convention on
climate change failed because…
- Nations did not reduce the amount of CO2
expected for the year 2000.
The intergovernmental panel on climate change
failed because…
- Treaty had broad information on the topic.
- Nations did not work together to reduce
production of CO2.
Outcome of the Problem
The effects of GW:
(1 minute)
UV damages skin in
Polar ice caps will melt
Ocean temperature rises
Ocean level rises
More holes in the ozone
 Sicknesses
 Many deserts
 CO2 atmosphere
A Reasonable Solution(s)?
Global warming networking program-.
Cut back on the burning of fossil fuels!!!!
Plant many trees and plants in your yard or
near your house.
Select the most energy efficient appliances for
your house.
Recycle goods: use reusable goods rather than
disposable(limits waste!).
Scientists speak of a way to tackle GW: (1