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• Towards Web-based representation and processing of
health information, Gao S, Mioc D, Yi X, Anton F, Oldfield
E, Coleman DJ, International Journal of Health
Geographics 2009, 8:3 (21 January 2009)
• Nominated for BioMed Central Medicine Prize 2009 for
most ground breaking research. Winner will be
announced June 10, 2010.
ArcGIS Server
A user can define which combination of values to obtain for
respiratory disease (by name/type or ICD9&10 MRD codes), as
well as gender, age, admission period, statistical methods,
classification methods, legend range, geometry/scale.
Asthma Camps
One of our Community Outreach Programs, Asthma Camps, is designed to
assist children with chronic asthma, their guardians, healthcare providers, peers
and the general public to recognize, assist and respond to the many issues
surrounding this debilitating disease.
Asthma Camps
The New Brunswick Lung Association maintains an historical database on
Asthma hospitalization cases in the province dating back to 1990. Data is
stripped of personal identifiers, but retains a postal code for geo-referencing
purposes. Data is masked, aggregated, and statistically altered before being
Asthma Camps
Health outcome data (e.g. ICD 9 and 10, hospital
discharge) is integrated with corresponding population
and geospatial parameters, then statistically modeled.
Asthma Camps
Statistical outputs are in turn mapped according to several geometric features
(available on our WFS): Provincial boundaries, Health Regions, Census Divisions
(Counties), Census Subdivisions (Municipalities), Forward Sortation Areas,
Dissemination Areas.
Asthma Camps
Visualize Disease Trends
Identify Gaps/Vulnerabilities
Identify Program Impact
Identify Resources
Plan Interventions
Build Awareness / Access
When the spatial distribution of Asthma Camp participants’ origins
overlays the spatial distribution of Asthma hospitalization outcomes,
our program directors, project funders, healthcare planners and
providers are readily able to determine significant historical gaps and
future opportunities for the Program.
Migrated to ESRI ArcGIS Server
Fast Forward - tracking Respiratory Health Outcomes in relation to
environmental pollution, smoking, and population vulnerabilities
using a Canadian Respiratory Health Atlas
Users can select
parameters for statistical
querying and map
Nationally Adjusted
Morbidity Trends for
Respiratory Disease
Fast Forward –Monitoring
Population Health, Conducting
Research, and Transferring
Knowledge through a National
Atlas and GeoBrokerage
Users can Select Points or Regions on Map
to Link to Resources:
1. View / Export Attribute Data (where available)
2. Access Peer-Reviewed Publications
3. Access Online PowerPoints, Media, RSS Alerts
4. Access Metadata / Distributed Web Map Services
5. Link to Official Websites
Location of Framework Stakeholders:
e.g. Lung Associations
Air Quality Health Index
Healthy Schools and SIMPLE
Vehicle Scrappage Program
Energy Smart Communities, Fuel Efficient
Fleets, Municipal GHG Reduction and
Climate Change Plans, Wind Farms, …
Energy Smart Communities, Fuel Efficient
Fleets, Municipal GHG Reduction and
Climate Change Plans, Wind Farms, …
Easy Deployment of ESRI Flex Viewer on
Municipal Environment Committees
GHG Reduction Plans
Sample Actions Taken to date
Easy Deployment of ESRI Flex Viewer on
Easy Deployment of ESRI Flex Viewer on
On the Horizon:
Creating a Common Operating Picture for:
Public Health (prevention, education, research)
Climate / Environment (mitigation, research)
Smart Grid / Energy (monitoring, planning)
Public Safety / Emergency Management
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