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Adaptation in the Region: the
beginning of the process. Capacity
Building ahead?
Ms. Maria Khovanskaya
Climate Change Department
Budapest, Hungary
19-20 November 2007
Presentation outline
1. Sources of information
2. Following the capacity building activities
in the Region (CEE, SEE, Belarus,
Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine).
2. Main conclusions drawn from the studying
the sources above on the situation with
Observation and Adaptation
3. Capacity building needs – you tell me 
Sources of my information
Latest available National Communications (for some
countries – Fourth, for other countries – First, some
countries still do not have it) – a bit obsolete some
Capacity Building Self Assessment (GEF) – for
(former) EIT only;
Interviews with National Focal Points and project
The 4 adaptation case studies under the current
project “Enhancing cooperation in SEE”;
Bit and pieces from other reports, somebody else
Main observations
Very much behind the rest of the world with adaptation issues, due to the
various reasons;
The system of observation (though requiring the updating and investing in
equipment) is solid and allows to perform regular and scientifically robust
observations of the main indicators, i.e. temperature, precipitation. People
from the (Hydro) meteorological institutions are reputable experts;
Modelling of the expected values of the main climate indicators occurs
Modelling the expected impacts of the climate change in different
sectors - the range of activities varies enormous.’;
Models are “imported” ones;
Weak connection between scientists. Decision makers and decision takers
Main observations
• Room for improvement for legislation work in adaptation
(bits and pieces in other legislation documents);
• Institutional framework for adaptation
Low awareness about the climate change issues in
the non-environmental ministries and agencies;
Interrupted information flows;
• No clear vision on how to integrate adaptation issues in
the other national strategies, plans, etc
• Adaptation projects are more re-active than pro-active
(extreme events – as an example, campaigns in Turkey
about demand management).
Suggested capacity building activities
(both for national efforts and potential donors)
• Strengthening the scientific basis for observation and
modelling, promote the international cooperation between
• Raising awareness at the level of the non-environmental
governmental bodies, (Finnish example);
• Creating sustainable capacities’;
• Improving information flows on the inter-ministerial level;
• Raising awareness at the level of the stakeholders which
will be affected by the consequences of climate change –
involving them (where possible);
• Financing? GIS (those which are eligible)?
Question for the afternoon discussion:
What is your view on the capacity building needs in the
adaptation field in our countries?
Thank you for your attention!
[email protected]
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