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an environmental toolkit
for churches
What are your environmental
• climate change ?
• traffic congestion and air pollution ?
• waste and landfill sites
• rainforest destruction ?
• housing built on green field sites ?
• litter on your streets
Christian Perspectives
Belief in God as Creator
Stewardship of the good things entrusted to us
Justice for the poor and the land
Our mission to proclaim repentance and hope
Eco-Congregation aims to encourage Churches
and their members to celebrate the gift of
creation and care for it in appropriate practical
and spiritual ways
Eco-Congregation - the toolkit
1. Resources
12 written modules
2. Support
web site:
links to other organisations
support and advice
networks of local churches
3. Award scheme
Module 1 – The Church Check-Up
A simple environmental audit to:
• identify and affirm current good practice
• prioritise your next initiatives
In your Church’s prayer life, do you:
 Praise God the creator  Say sorry for the harm done
to the environment
 Give thanks to God
 Pray for the healing
for the gift of creation
of creation
In your church grounds, do you have native plant
species and plants that benefit wildlife?
 Present
 Potential to develop
Growing in Faith and
Module 2
Celebrating creation
Resources for worship
Module 3
Creation and Christianity
Overview of ‘green theology’
Module 4
Acorns to oaks
Ideas and suggestions for children’s work
Module 5
Tread gently – go green
Activities for environmental youth work
Module 6
How Green is God’s word
Bible studies for House Groups and leaders
Putting God’s House
in Green Order
Module 7
Greening the cornerstone
Guidelines on caring for
church premises
Module 8
Greening the purse strings
Stewardship of financial,
catering & purchasing matters
Module 9
Planting and conserving Eden
Ideas to care for church grounds and land
Changing Lives:
Changing Communities
Module 10
Green choices
Tips for greening personal lifestyles
Module 11
Community matters
Ideas to help churches work with and
through their local community
Module 12
Global neighbours
Sources and resources for churches to think
globally and act locally.
Module 13
Climate Change
Information and tools on managing and
reducing your carbon footprint
What are churches doing?
Holding special “Creation Care” services
← Environmental
pledge tree
altar frontal →
Teaching their young people environmental
Undertaking an
energy audit and
e.g. using energyefficient light bulbs 
 e.g. making the
church self-sufficient
in renewable energy!
recycling of
cans 
Christmas cards 
And also:
• paper
• milk cartons
• printer cartridges
• spectacles...
Cleaning up their neighbourhood
Improving their
grounds for wildlife
before and after…
Making and
bird boxes
Installing environmental notice boards
through articles
in the parish
magazine and
local papers
Helping countryside rangers with local
wildlife conservation projects
Promoting and selling Fair Trade goods
and Eco-friendly products
How to get going
1. Download or request an introduction pack
(www.ecocongregation/ and get
together a ‘Green Team’
2. Fill in the environmental check-up
3. Get the support of a church meeting
4. Order the free resource modules of your choice
5. Dip into the toolkit and get going!
Eco-Congregation - the Award
given in recognition of
• linking environmental
issues to the Christian
• practical work in the
• having a positive impact
on the wider community
74 Scottish churches
have gained the award!