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Climate Change
Thinking Ahead to Copenhagen
Thematic Group 1st Meeting
Convened by Bernard Godding
Educational Centres Association
“With the issue of climate change
becoming one of the absolute policy
priorities of our time, it is our duty to
help the European consumer make
sustainable environmental choices.”
European Consumer Commissioner Meglena Kuneva
EAEA General Assembly, Riga, December 2007
A Challenge for European Adult
• Issues around consumer protection
• Issues around social justice
• Environmental imperatives
The Elephants
in the Room
Peak Oil
Climate Change
The Effects of Climate Change
Sea level change
Extreme climatic events
Resource scarcity including water
Drought and flooding
Extinction of many species of plant &
• Range of climate-related illnesses
The Effects of Peak Oil
Price inflation
Potential lowering of living standards
Social disruption
Reduction in agricultural output
United Nations Climate Change
Conference, Copenhagen
7-18 December 2009
“The scale of the potential humanitarian
challenge presented by climate change in
the future is huge. This is a defining
moment to ensure that the challenge is not
insurmountable and human suffering is
John Holmes, United Nations Under-Secretary-General for
Humanitarian Affairs
Decade of Education for Sustainable
Development 2005-2014
“Through education and lifelong learning we
can achieve lifestyles based on economic
and social justice, food security, ecological
integrity, sustainable livelihoods, respect for
all life forms and strong values that foster
social cohesion, democracy and collective
Bonn Declaration 2009
The Role of Education
Needs Led Agenda
Educational Responses
• Climate Change
• Citizenship education
• Basic science
• Access to democratic
• Political education
• Green skills
• Adaptive lifestyles
• Healthy living strategies
– Rising sea levels
– Extreme weather
• What do individuals and
communities need?
Basic Awareness
Personal safety i.e. Flooding
Food security
Citizen empowerment
• Peak Oil
Educational Centres
Associaton’s Response
• Engagement of potential learners
– Awareness raising
The Challenges Ahead
Developing:• Education relevant to different groups
– Increasing understanding
– Building capacity
• Empowerment
– Ability to act pro-environmentally